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Mal - I have noticed that when I request a "friend" connection and the other person turns it down - …
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  •  · those that dont know any better lol :P
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Black Magic '666' Altar Wooden Box Kit.... FILLED
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Psychic & “Energy Vampire” Protection Crystal Prescription Kit - FILLED
Added a discussion 

For the current Holiday season, we have decided to Give-away some Samhainn Crystals..

Products included in Offer:  Natural Rough Amethyst; Calcite; Black Tourmaline; Onyx & Red Jasper - all nestled in a Coffin, with other Ghoulish Surprises!!

COMMENT on the Give-Away Post... ADD a NUMBER between 1-21 - The Draw will be made from the Higher Secrets Collection..
(Hopefully Norwich  will Volunteer)

100% FREE to participate 

The Give-Away is open to the Legal Residents of the United States and is void where prohibited by Law.

Give-Away CLOSES Midnight EST Wednesday 13th October 2021...

Added a discussion 

Just sorted through a mass of Books - some which will be placed in the Books for Sale tab - These SOLD generate Support for the Witches Community - as all funds received, less PayPal Fees are donated back!
We are even open to reasonable Offers for those listed, so IF you see one that interests you - make a reasonable offer...

Ok - on to the FREE BOOKS - as listed below - YOU JUST PAY MEDIA RATE POSTAGE - via PayPal Invoice:>
To save on space - and not overwhelm phones etc with images, the IMAGE is in the Green Link (STOCK IMAGES) - I am gonna just list the details related. You can certainly expand that info through a Google search...

I WILL be adding to this LIST - so Please check back...

** The Insider's Guide to Buying a New or Used Car - Burke Leon & Stephanie Leon ISBN: 1 58670 566 X - 3rd Edition - Image - Soft Cover 

** Paradise - A History of the Idea that Rules the World - Rushby, Kevin ISBN 13: 9780786719105 - Image - Soft Cover 

** The Inquisitor by Catherine Jinks Image - ISBN-10: ‎0312308159 - Minotaur Books; First Edition First Printing (October 9, 2002) - Hardback

** Pocket Word Finder Thesaurus by Inc. Staff Microlytics (1990, Mass Market) - Image - Soft Cover

** The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime by Miles Harvey - Image - Soft Cover 

** Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism - Image - Soft Cover 

** The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson, David Westwood (Illustrator), John Naisbitt (Foreword by) - Image - Soft Cover 

** The Culture Cult: Designer Tribalism And Other Essays by Roger Sandall - 1st Edition - Image - Soft Cover 

** Archaeology. (Instructor's Edition).- David Hurst Thomas - Published by Holt, Reinhart and Winston, Inc., 1989  2nd Edition - Image - Hardback 

** Paleoanthropology by Milford H. Wolpoff (1998-06-01) – First Edition, 1980 - Hardback - Image

** The Book of the Damned (ACE K-156) - Fort, Charles - Published by Ace Books, 1941 - Image - Soft Cover

** Lost Continents; the Atlantis Theme by De Camp, L. Sprague (Lyon Sprague), First Edition - Feb 1975 - Image - Soft Cover

25 September ADD ON:
** The Brotherhood: The Secret World Of The Freemasons by Stephen Knight - New York: Dorset Press, 1986. Reprint - Image - Hardback

**  “Used and Rare” - Travels in the Book World - Authors: Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone - 1997 St Martins Press - Image - Soft Cover 

** Young Goodman Brown and Other Short Stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne - 2nd Edition 1992 - Image - Soft Cover

** Fads & Fallacies in The Name Of Science by Martin Gardner - 1957 Vintage Paperback - Image - Soft Cover

** Primitive Classification by Emile Durkheim, Rodney Needhan, Marcel Mauss - University of Chicago Press (Sep. 15th, 1967) - Image - Soft Cover

** Green Tea and Other Ghost Stories by J. Sheridan LEFANU  – January 1, 1993 - Image - Soft Cover

** Guns and Rain: Guerillas and Spirit Mediums in Zimbabwe by David Lan - November 14, 1985 - Image - Soft Cover

** Cult Killers by Rose G. Mandelsberg - Printing July 1991 - Image - Soft Cover

** The Rule of Four By Ian Caldwell , By Dustin Thomason - 28 Jun 2005 - Image - Soft Cover

** The Structure of Evil: An Essay on the Unification of the Science of Man by Becker, Ernest - Published by The Free Press -1976 - Image - Soft Cover

27 September ADD ON:

** Formerly Top Secret Air Force Reports of Encounters Between Our Jets and Extraterrestrial Vehicles by Stephen Bernath - January 1, 1999 - Image - Soft Cover

** Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Religion by Michael Banton - Image -  First Print 1966 - Soft Cover 

** Professor and the Madman - by Simon Winchester - Image  - Soft Cover 

** The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton - Image - Soft Cover 

**Laughter in the Dark (Revived Modern Classic) by Vladimir Nabokov - Image - Printed 1991- (Printing Error inside Front Cover) - Soft Cover

** Nations and Nationalism by Ernest Gellner - Image - Soft Cover

Added a post 
Opinion: Labels, Names, and Magical Community

Storm Faerywolf writes on the power of names, labels, and personae - and especially of "Queer," a magical name for an entire community.

Continue reading Opinion: Labels, Names, and Magical Community at The Wild Hunt.


Source: wildhunt.org

Content Creator: Storm Faerywolf


Added a comment to Help 

Go to your profile. Then click edit profile and the second option on that page should say upload and crop profile picture.

Added a post 

Help idk how to change my pfp 

Added a post 
Column: The Well of the Priest

Alan D.D. remembers a teacher who has recently crossed the veil.

Continue reading Column: The Well of the Priest at The Wild Hunt.


Source: wildhunt.org

Content Creator: Alan D.D.


Added a post 
Columna: El Pozo del Cura

Alan D.D. recuerda a un maestro que cruzó el velo recientemente.

Continue reading Columna: El Pozo del Cura at The Wild Hunt.


Source: wildhunt.org

Content Creator: Alan D.D.


A practice of gratitude puts one on the receiving frequency.

Just waiting on Newwmoon for their details!!
- will be shipping these out on Monday...
Will send individual's their Tracking # Monday afternoon!

changed a profile picture 
Added a post 
Uncovering the Past: Poverty Point, Native American Monumental Complex

New research at Poverty Point shows more advanced political and social structures than previously thought.

Continue reading Uncovering the Past: Poverty Point, Native American Monumental Complex at The Wild Hunt.


Source: wildhunt.org

Content Creator: Sean McShee


those that dont know any better lol :P

Added a discussion 

Mal - I have noticed that when I request a "friend" connection and the other person turns it down - that it opens the option for me to try again to add them.

Is there a way for it to require them to ask me after the initial denial by default? - I feel like I might forget that I tried and it might become irritating for someone to get a friend request from someone they already said no to.

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