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Has anyone here worked with the Fae? I'm not sure how to get started or how to find information on i…
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  •  · Hmm... the sight is yours but willingness to be seen is theirs.  I’d caught the one off guard sittin…
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If you're just getting started, I recommend the Sabbat Essentials books. Don't worry about buying th…
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So, my collection of herbs is outgrowing my kitchen cupboard. And I am thinking I want a more dedica…
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  •  · I use an over the door, hanging shelf and another over the door shoe caddy with pockets. A 2-tier sp…
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Reading a candle’s burning behavior & the wax drippings afterwards is one way ive seen of scryin…
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I'd love to hear other's stories of discovering witchcraft or paganism. I can start. When my kids we…
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  •  · I left a demanding christian religion, too! And my poor parents are so worried about my soul.
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Hello beauties, I have added several #categories to the #Discussions function, including #Books, #Wi…
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  •  · Thanks for the info. Hashtags are channels & forums are discussions & categories are sub for…
Added a comment to Fae Folk 

Hmm... the sight is yours but willingness to be seen is theirs.  I’d caught the one off guard sitting on that chair. Neither of us expected the other 😳.  

When you’re outdoors be relaxed and look around you casually, not particularly expecting or doubting. Trees are good beings to observe. Like seeing shapes in clouds the mind sees things in the texture of the bark or leaves. If the shapes get up and move it’s not pareidolia 🤩

Gifts of water, fruit,🍬candy,  milk & honey  are OK. Shiny & sparkly things are enjoyed. They like upbeat 🎶 music, wind-chimes, poems & stories read aloud. Copper seems to be OK but iron or anything magnetic 🧲 bolluxes up their ability to go between. 

Our casual use of “thank you” is demeaning to them. They do what they do because it pleases them to do so.  Better to use phrases like “oh, that’s cool”, “mmm-that smells nice/ is pretty,” or even a sarcastic “very funny.”  

Our apologies don’t impress them. Admit “my bad” & move on. The day after I knowingly used a serious weed killer I’d found my resin Madonna garden statue face down on the patio. I glued her back together but missed a few pieces  & some not-so-nice bees took up residence inside. To make good of a bad - I’m learning to talk to bees.


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Hey Allise I had an idea. So, it can be challenging in many ways to make the decision to move from to . There's a lot of forces for it, and some against it. I wonder if it would be possible to compile a list of #13 things (a very Witchy number) one would need to consider before taking the plunge. So let me ask you and everyone else...what 13 things should one consider before converting from Christianity to Paganism?

All comments welcome!

There are so many ways of dealing with this, and maybe you could try a few, or allow your intuition to guide you to the right spell, but my first thought was to cast a protective spell on yourself, to absorb the negative energy of your landlord. 

Added a comment to Fae Folk 

Thank you so much! I will start searching for those books! Last year at Beltane I left an offering for the Fair Folk on sort of a whim, and was shocked when magical items appeared along my way for the next few days. I have been hesitant to do anything "wrong", so I haven't offered anything else since. 

Do you think that seeing them is a gift that can be developed?

I left a demanding christian religion, too! And my poor parents are so worried about my soul.

What a gift from that shopkeeper!

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Hi i could use any and all tips as a semi new but old witch, i have only ever learned from myself and out of spell books. i also took a break from practicing when i started having babies and recently came back into things as i needed to reconnect with my old self because i was getting lost in routine. with that being said i would love to have someone guide me. 

I have been practicing tarot!


My journey into witchcraft started emotionally with me as a child. I was always very interested in spells and the way that the practice made me feel about myself. throughout High-School i started learning more about things and that's where things really took off for me. now in my mid twenties i practice tarot and like to work with pendulums, also candle and stone/crystals are also my new found way to practice. my oldest daughter is now found of my witchcraft and magic i practice and has been joining me recently. I am not sure if she will continue down this path but its always open for her if she chooses. 

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this community online! I just wanted to ask if someone could point me in the right direction... I have a question about witchcraft. My landlord is the worst! Any tips on making him nicer? My first thought was a honey jar. 

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Added a comment to 😂😂 

OMG, that’s how I cook! 

I'm hoping others will create their own quizzes for everyone to take. That same quiz has been on the old site for about 2 years, and it generated a lot of interest, both pro and con. This is your opportunity, Cora Nightingale to make a quiz that you believe is less political. Making a quiz should be open to everyone by clicking on their avatar picture (top right on desktop view) and then click + add. After that, click quiz. Once that page is filled in and saved and you look at the quiz, it'll tell you that there are no question/answers yet, and that's where you can add them.  For each question, you can add as many answers as you like. Each answer gets a value of 1 (one) for correct and 0 (zero) for incorrect. I'd love to see your version of the same quiz, and I bet other people would, too.

I think it is possible that your baby black cat told you in your dream, where to find the missing cat. Did the forest look familiar? Does that location exist nearby? If so, have you considered using a pendulum, and perhaps one of the cat's hairs to find the missing cat? I wouldn't give up on the cat right away, as they are quite resourceful and independent creatures.

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I take it you've had some experience with this ... or at least know someone who does. Excellent advice -- thank you!

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Added a comment to Fae Folk 


Research is the most important thing to do before heading into Faery work and witchcraft. You want to have a lot of in depth and versatile knowledge covering many areas of the topic so you’ll be able to understand and interact with the Fair Folk! If you don’t want to work with the Fair Folk you can use this list to help yourself understand them and take the proper measure if you ever stumble upon them. I know the list could go on forever but I’m compiling the topics I find build a good foundation of understanding. I have compiled this list to give those interested guidance and a push in the right direction, it is best you do your own research before asking other’s personal knowledge and opinions!!

The Basics

  • Terminology ( Fae, faery, fairy, changeling, seelie, unseelie, sidhe, etc)
  • The Origins of the Fae (Tuatha de Dannan, Aos Sí, Tylwyth Teg)
  • Faeries in Different Cultures: Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Gaulish, French), Norse, Influences from Greek and Roman culture.
  • Folklore & Myths!! ex. Oisin and Tír na nÓg , Fenian Cycle, Arthurian Legend. 
  • Celtic Gods, Goddesses & Heroes- strong influences and connections to the Fae
  • Types of Faeries (study diverse types from pixies,brownies, pooka to Kelpies, Bwbach and Red caps) *Make sure you can at least answer who, what and where about them.
  • The Otherworlds (Tir na Nog, Caer Arianrhod, Annwn, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, etc.)
  • Faery Landmarks (fairy tree, fairy ring, fairy hill)
  • Signs of the Fae
  • Sacred Trees and Plants (Hawthorn) 
  • Protection!! very important

*Bonus if you learn Celtic Culture

Getting into Working with Them

  • Connecting to Nature and the Land
  • How to Banish Faeries & Protect yourself, house, family, etc.
  • Faery Behaviour and Proper Etiquette
  • Proper Offerings, How to give an Offering
  • Animals associated with the Fair Folk and Why? (raven, deer, etc)
  • Faery Festivals and Holidays (Samhain, Midsummer, Beltane)
  • Why certain things offend them- iron, saying “thank you”,etc.
  • The Courts (Seelie, Unseelie, trooping fairies, solitary)
  • Setting up a Faery Altar
  • How to work with them in Rituals 
  • Faery Flowers, herbs and crystals
  • A proper and personal way to communicate with them!!this means developing psychic ability, tarot, meditation, signs, etc.
  • Hagstones, heptagram/faery star

Some Good Books :) 

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries, by W. Y. Evans Wentz  

Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes 

Enchantment of the Faerie Realm by Ted Andrews 

Faery Craft by Morgan Daimler 

Celtic Mythology: Tales of Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes by Phillip Freeman

**if you have more topics, books or anything else feel free to add some!

End -  x  x  x  x  x

I wish I’d had that guidance earlier. My own unsought experience...

When I first moved into my house 23 years ago, I’d hung protective sachets everywhere. In the sorting and arranging process I’d placed a chair 🪑 by the basement door. And while I was perched on a kitchen step stool to hang a sachet I’d “felt” eyes on my back so glanced over a shoulder and danged near fell over. Clear as day I saw a little man with long, unkempt hair & skinny arms & legs sitting on the chair. Deep breaths; don’t panic. So I turned to face him and said hello.

His facial expression went wide-eyed shocked, & bang, in a split second the latched basement door sprung open & the little man was gone. Hmm, that went well. Maybe being direct wasn’t the best way to go.

I closed the basement door & took a few days to 🤔 think of what to do. I realized the house had stood empty a while before I arrived and by law of squatters rights he’d been here first. I went nervously down to the basement and hung up a faceted prism in a widow & set the chair down; then I spoke out loud and told him these were for him, and that I thought we could share the house. I’d stay out of the basement except for maintenance. 

He slowly materialized in front of me, eyes 👀 first and then from the feet up. I broke a sweat. His eyes were black as olives. His long hair was matted with twigs & 🍃 leaves & hung to his knees. His arms were crossed. He was about 3 ft tall. He glared at me and said to do what i want because i would any way. He sat and stared at the prism. Hmm. Gift accepted. So I nodded goodbye & went upstairs; then replaced the latch on the basement door.

I put a child sized plastic chair in the yard. Although I’ve not seen him very often I’d occasionally hear him grumble about when I’d be  done poking at the grass as I was doing the yard & garden work. I’ve lost count of the number of times the garage door has opened  as I approached with my hands full, & let me pass then slammed me in the butt. It’s our shared joke 😏.Thankfully, as I’ve aged the butt slams have softened greatly. 

I have no right to expect him or any being to work for me in a magical way.  Im not a very aggressive witch & having been a medium has taught me about mutual sovereignty. Pacts and exchanges would be the usual process I guess.  I’ve seen a few different types of etheric beings & the cats chased an orb thru the house from front-to-back door.  Just passing through... 😁.

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