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"New to the Craft"

Hi all you NEW Amazing Folks ! again Welcome, thank you each for taking the Time to join and even more engage..
AND YES!! - there are so MANY Questions into where to start - how to start and so forth....and of course as each of you can see - you are really NOT ALONE in this Adventure..

I am gonna deposit a PDF (38 pages) here that MAY ?? help some of you..
As I will often instruct Neophytes in Workshop Sessions - Books are NOT the "Bible" to the Spirit within - they are GUIDES - !
Some can be confusing - many contradict - so move with YOUR SPIRIT...it will never fail you!

  • Gonna add here another PDF (14 Pages) of Directional Dialogue... In theory it is just a Chapter out of the confines of something more involved - BUT it offers the need for some to have directional attention..

    All About Wicca and Witchcraft

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    • The other Flow to this process is to set up a "Order of Operations" (Nicked that from Malatesa )!!

      • Things That Every Beginner Witch Should Research
        • Altars - Love them Altars - the FIRST to be activated in all things - the Heart of YOUR Spirit and what follows through! (Remember this is also SACRED)
        • The History Of Witch_Practitioner's Craft
        • Modern Legal Issues For any Witches
        • Resources In Your Local Area
        • Types Of Witch_ Practitioner's Craft
        • Types Of Magicke (and boy are there MANY)
        • Forms Of Divination
        • Folklore And Myths
        • Dreams And Dream Interpretation
        • Energy Work - Powerful Understanding
        • The **Best Books** On Paganism And Witchcraft
        • Crystals And Their Correspondences
        • Lunar/Solar Magicke
        • Witch_Practitioner's craft Tools For Beginners
        • Meditation (Never always sure of this One - One can spend hours in a stupor and still come out empty)
        • Psychic Powers - More on the Development - as we all have Elements of that anyways
        • Special Occasions/Power Days/ Moon Dates/ Solar Dates... In Witch_Practitioner's craft
        • Synchronicity And Symbolism - another action of Spirits Communicating
        • Defense (although I would go as bold as to say Manipulation) Against Malevolent Activities
        • Magicke Symbols - Signs (Mark of a Spirit Language - unites with Synchronicity)
        • Spirit Work (Folks will often include Necromancy, which is all too often given a Dark image - Modern thinking)
        • Deities And Theurgy << That word is just a fancy word for "White Magicke" - Divinities work with ALL FORMS of Magicke..
        • Correspondences - Shamans love this knowing, as do some aspects of High Magicke...However - it really does apply in ALL Magicke!
        • Astrology - Cosmic applications and Planetary interaction... Bucket load of Hard Core 'goobly gook' - so do NOT Panic - what is needed will express itself!!
        • How To Avoid Cults And Toxic People - Now I always find this idea as Toxic as the Persona that wants to relish in this strategy.... Your Spirit is VERY GOOD at putting a Freeze in place - Pay attention to Intuition!
        • Familiars - a Difficult Topic to get under your belt - and seriously it is NOT the FIRST go-to you want to attempt to evoke!!
      • Related Questions
        • Where Can I Learn More About These Topics? EVERYWHERE
        • Will I Ever Fully Master Witchcraft And Know It All? - NOPE
        • If It’s So Hard To Learn About Witchcraft, Is It Even Worth The Effort? THAT YOU have to ASK YOURSELF
        • Do I Have To Learn All Of This? NOPE
        • Is It Okay If I Find Some Witchcraft Topics Boring? ABSOLUTELY - I do ALL the TIME...we are EACH UNIQUE

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