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Welcome to the NEW 'Witches Community' - "One Stop & Stay” Plaza! 

This Circle of Practitioners is a NEW take on something old - and Malatesa says it will BE exciting!  You ALL and I are gonna make sure that HAPPENS!


As a Community - each Guides and helps others - everyone HAS something to offer - so "Find your TRIBE" amongst the Plaza - and create those Bonds! We seriously Welcome and Embrace those New to the Craft.....and for you Budding - Excited Bunch - that interests starts HERE!

 This is a Non-Judgmental site - however, we are ALL Mortals, and so there may be the odd friction now and again... Things take time - so stay with us - and eventually you will discover an amazing flow occurring.... 

"New to The Craft"  is ALL about Learning and Growing.....Discovery and Experiences, so gather your Witchy Tools along the way; develop the Intuition - Create the one and all AMAZING 'Tome of Actions' (Grimoire/Book of Shadows), and construct that Altar to embrace the Magicke that becomes unleashed!

No one way is right - There are MANY Ways, Magickal - Spiritual Craft work is about following your Intuition and having a strong Intent.


Below is a link - NOT the end all Perfect example of ALL things - BUT it is a well gathered Source of finding your way around certain things.. It is here to maybe answer BRIEFLY a Question...however - ASKING that same Question amongst the many, will also give you a much wider take from many personal Experiences.

Please do NOT Hesitate to contact anyone that you feel may be able to help....there are MANY a Wise Tree amongst you blossoming Flowers.....so SEEK them out

If unsure you can also always Message :

Malatesa  - 'Site Janitor' - dealing with all the Technical 'Glytch from the Wytch' Drama!!


Metatron - Well He can add in what He feels Flows.. although some can liken Him to the Witchy "Human" Resource Guyimage_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=67&dpx=1&t=1621345491Myself - 'Light' aka Lise  (I will say it as it is - Firm and Direct)