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I’ve been a spirit-medium for 50+ years, and have seen and heard spirits since preschool but have only ever physically seen 1 Spirit for more than a 60-second minute’s duration. A 5 minute apparition uses a helluva lot of energy & that Spirit must have control of their ability to manifest. It takes 2 - them and you.

Some things  you can do to develop your sensitivity:

. daily focus on a candle’s flame  until you can hold your attention on the flame for 2-3 minutes without wandering; park your mind

. schedule an appointment to commune with Spirit for 30 minutes at the same time, 1-2 days every week; keep the appointment faithfully

. ground & center; most of psychism is the ability to hold your focus within center and your strong desire

.  address your thoughts to your guide who is safe to work with; donot open yourself to random Spirit-entities 24/7; ask your guide to vet all spirits before accepting they’re who they say they are

.  ask your guide to give you signals that will identify themselves; your guide can train you to see/hear their telepathic signal and/or audio-visual signs

. practice sensing the energy of your pets, trees, friends, family; empathic abilities are useful here

. communication isn’t always what you expect; my guide has a great sense of humor; your higher-self/soul-consciousness is also a contributor 

. you may develop different psychic senses than you have in mind; be willing to work with whatever form your psychism takes

As for seeing Fae, that’s up to them. They let you see them if they want to. They can be tricky so respect them, admire their Nature’s handiwork, leave shiny trinkets, 🍭 candy, music, poetry, milk & friendly offerings of good will but expect nothing in return.