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So - it seems we have gained a NEW form of Astrology - that is called the "Black Zodiac", and is a Game Changer for any who wants to know their DARK SIDE of the Astro offerings...

Black Zodiac

Quote:> "The Black Zodiac is the Dark Counterpart of the Western Astrological Zodiac. Both of which originated from the Babylonian Zodiac". 

Interesting, and I might add a load of BS - the 'History' of the "Black Zodiac" actually stems from a Movie called the "13 Ghosts" and has no relationship to Babylonian History.

"13 Ghosts" - aka Black Zodiac

The Movie existed in 2001 and introduced a group of merciless Spirits that were shown being released into the house, and terrorizing the unwitting family. All 13 are "Earthbound Spirits" which has no relationship to Cosmic attributes, and they were chosen to represent a group called "the Black Zodiac"!
Each "Sign" has its own distinguishing features, such as the "the Bound Woman" a Cheerleader slayed by her jealous boyfriend on prom night, and "The Angry Princess" a woman who ended her own life after a botched self-surgery.

It didn't take long for folks to manipulate the idea relating the Characters in the Movie "13 Ghosts" to introduce the "Dark Zodiac" signs as the next natural thought to forming a Mirror attachment of which of these "Ghosts" (NOT ZODIAC COSMIC) coincides with the signs of the Traditional Zodiac.  

Eventually - the Internet runs with the disinformation - and folks are molding the idea into Astrology and History.....and the Characters are converted to some Spiritual Daemonic Graphic!

NOT from the Babylon Era - NOT from Astro-Cosmic records - BUT is from a 2001 Movie Script.... The Thirteen Ghosts Creator

'Light' aka Lise

    • Wow! Have yet to come across this - Black Zodiac, but thx for sharing! Too bad all won't see this valuable info that come across.

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      • Oh wow I was reading about this a few days ago! It's super interesting 

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