Feed Item

In the beginning of this thread we discussed the tower card and meaning - when presents itself to me in a reading. I also mentioned how the tower been showing up repeatedly over the past couple months. 

Well, since commented and over the past week...a skin cancer spot was found on my leg (no worries, carcinoma, being cut out and treated), mammogram revealed a nodule (no worries, confident next week's test reveal benign), referred to hematologist regarding rare blood disorder, and have been diagnosed with Lupus disease. Ha! The Tower ♡ (TMI? eh) 

Yep, that's how the tower shows up for me. However, each time the cards that followed were extremely positive. The Tower - can rock your world! BUT now I can take the proper steps towards healing, prevent from worsening, and manage my illness. 

Perhaps, the tower didn't keep showing up as to necessarily warn me of the upheaval ahead, but rather bring comfort/assurance that everything will be just fine when it did. Hence, the cards that followed. 🙂