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Might as well ask "What does it mean to be yourself?"

Witchcraft is on it's own is a rather ambiguous term with a lot of conflicting cultural baggage depending on who's asking/talking. However for my purposes I adopt the label because it's about the closest thing to my genuine indigenous cultural heritage as I'm likely to find in a spiritual/religious context, without getting mired down the road of pagan reconstructionist anachronisms. I also like the down to earth aesthetic.

Apart from the above and the self-exploration and self-actualization involved in doing the hard inner work of self-transformation, I particularly associate witchcraft with wisdom. To me it's mostly about prying under the surface of things to find out the inner mechanics of how nature works, including particularly, human nature. Yet not in a merely theoretical way, but in practical application. It's the psycho-spiritual equivalent of experimental science. I will follow that where ever it leads, even if I must necessarily discard a lot of my preconceptions, superstitions and wishful thinking in the process. So far, it's been an extremely successful harvest, even if the sacrifices along the way have been equally dear.