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You do not have to be a working medium or function as a professional psychic but you will always be a sensitive as it’s in our DNA 🧬. Grounding yourself is helpful to tone down the haphazard sightings. Root your energy to the earth by focusing your attention down your body, head-to-feet. Hold a stone and meditate on it’s earthiness. A hand-mudra helps me - hold thumb to ring-finger, breathe to the gut. I agree that setting boundaries is necessary. Practice raising your energy shields 🛡 by projecting energy from the belly into your aura. And setting a contact time limit is a good idea, if you’re willing. You are a loving person who cares about others; so care for yourself as well for good balance.

I make no connection between seeing random ghosts and other peoples accidents or deaths unless it’s the spirit of a deceased grandparent or direct relation who is appearing regularly who might advise about family members; ancestor links can be helpful guides. But random ghosts are everywhere the energy frequency fields interconnect. That’s Nature being it’s self.

It might be helpful to work on seeing energy fields & auras around 🌲 trees. They are wonderful conductors. All life radiates energy force, & all life is connected. 

Any time a spirit asks for help you can tell them to turn to the Light without fear; they can go into the Light during anyone’s funeral. I worked at a cemetery over 20 years & have seen that the light pathway opens at graveside final committal services.  I’d be working at my desk and see a flash of white, iridescent light out on the cemetery grounds and know there goes another one 😊.