Comment to 'My tarot deck knows!'
  • My situation also ended up being good, even if not as much as expected. Sometimes the result can't be positive because of past unsolved situation, I think. 

    Hopefully you found your illness on time and can work to heal  

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    • Glad things worked out for you. 

      Sometimes what we perceive as negative may actually be positive - clouded by our personal lenses. All's a matter of perspective. And... sometimes an unchangeable negative becomes a positive, because of growth, lessons, new direction it gave way. Then sometimes perhaps it really is just 💩🤷🏼‍♀️ 🙃

      I continue to go with the flow. The bigger picture is far more vast than I'll ever know. No worries here. After all, doesn't do a damn bit of good anyway. ;) ❤

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