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Have you ever experienced a dejavu? If so, did you remember dreaming about the experience previously?

Folks, I have a controversial #Poll for you. How do you feel about CORONA Vaccinations?

Is luck magical or is this an instance of science?

Is science and the supernatural the same thing, just different measurements?

What Is Your Favorite Sabbat?

do you have an outside altar? 

My One Crystal of ALL Times

Besom to Besom Buddies - What Part of the World did you Fly in from??

             What Witch - If a Witch - ARE YOU......???CHOOSE CAREFULLY - YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE.....Is your "Tribe" here....??...................and NOPE...

Should Malatesa "BOT the BOTS!" - that is to say where the 'Member'  Profile is concerned - a BOT CHARACTOR appears to warn REAL Members that this Person is not REAL!

What season is your favorite?

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Here's a very interesting #Poll for everyone to participate in that only asks you to share what your astrological sign is. Will the statistics be evenly distributed? Let's find out! What's your...