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What Is Your Favorite Sabbat?

Which element have you made a surprising connection with ? 

do you have an outside altar? 

My One Crystal of ALL Times

Besom to Besom Buddies - What Part of the World did you Fly in from??

             What Witch - If a Witch - ARE YOU......???CHOOSE CAREFULLY - YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE.....Is your "Tribe" here....??...................and NOPE...

Should Malatesa "BOT the BOTS!" - that is to say where the 'Member'  Profile is concerned - a BOT CHARACTOR appears to warn REAL Members that this Person is not REAL!

What season is your favorite?

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Here's a very interesting #Poll for everyone to participate in that only asks you to share what your astrological sign is. Will the statistics be evenly distributed? Let's find out! What's your...

I consider myself...

I consider myself a solo practitioner, but I'd love to hear about the rest of you. I'm sure we all practice solo sometimes, but are most of you members of a coven or group?

What are your favorite types of spells?