History Of Witchery
Hold onto your knickers everyone -- here's a history quiz just for you! Take it if you dare šŸ˜®Hint: you can find the answers to the first three questions at http://www.witchwaysandwares.com/articles.php/25
choose what you like:1. single, under 20, no kids2. single, under 30, ready to dateĀ 3. looking for a suger daddy to get money.4. all of the aboveThanksšŸ˜ˆĀ 
As Above - So Below...... becomes a Rash..
Your in a Rash of Trouble now - SO Lets get naked with the Answers....Remember: There can - WILL be - On occasions Multiple Answers....
Scratch that Spirit - and see what emerges....
Just a Fun Quiz that will take you on a Pagan Tour...
Are you a Witch? (non political)
Are you a Witch? or are you a "Witch"
Are you ready to convert from Christianity to Paganism?
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  •  · Allise
This quiz is based on my own experience leaving Christianity, and so is absolutely biased. But hopefully not in a way that makes others feel less than. I think the most beautiful part of paganism is its willingness to allow each individual to walk their own path and find their own truths. #juststarting For each question in this #quiz, select all of the answers that are true for you, even if there are more than one.
Are you a Witch?
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  •  · Malatesa
This is a fun quiz to see if you're a Witch or not! While no single quiz can determine if you're a Witch or not, this quiz can help you get a pretty good idea about the matter. Anyone can make a quiz on The Witches Community, and you're invited to do so. I'd love to see your own version of an Are You a Witch quiz! Grading: A: 45-50 correct (You're a Witch!) B: 40-44 correct (You're mostly a Witch!) C: 35-39 correct (You're a wanna-be Witch) D: 30-34 correct (You're Not really a Witch) F: 0-29 (You're definitely not a Witch) Ā 
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