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Hey i got this skull its supposed to be lucky anyone know more about it?

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Welcome to the NEW 'Witches Community' - "One Stop & Stay” Plaza! 

This Circle of Practitioners is a NEW take on something old - and Malatesa says it will BE exciting!  You ALL and I are gonna make sure that HAPPENS!


As a Community - each Guides and helps others - everyone HAS something to offer - so "Find your TRIBE" amongst the Plaza - and create those Bonds! We seriously Welcome and Embrace those New to the Craft.....and for you Budding - Excited Bunch - that interests starts HERE!

 This is a Non-Judgmental site - however, we are ALL Mortals, and so there may be the odd friction now and again... Things take time - so stay with us - and eventually you will discover an amazing flow occurring.... 

"New to The Craft"  is ALL about Learning and Growing.....Discovery and Experiences, so gather your Witchy Tools along the way; develop the Intuition - Create the one and all AMAZING 'Tome of Actions' (Grimoire/Book of Shadows), and construct that Altar to embrace the Magicke that becomes unleashed!

No one way is right - There are MANY Ways, Magickal - Spiritual Craft work is about following your Intuition and having a strong Intent.


Below is a link - NOT the end all Perfect example of ALL things - BUT it is a well gathered Source of finding your way around certain things.. It is here to maybe answer BRIEFLY a Question...however - ASKING that same Question amongst the many, will also give you a much wider take from many personal Experiences.

Please do NOT Hesitate to contact anyone that you feel may be able to help....there are MANY a Wise Tree amongst you blossoming Flowers.....so SEEK them out

If unsure you can also always Message :

Malatesa  - 'Site Janitor' - dealing with all the Technical 'Glytch from the Wytch' Drama!!


Metatron - Well He can add in what He feels Flows.. although some can liken Him to the Witchy "Human" Resource Guyimage_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=67&dpx=1&t=1621345491Myself - 'Light' aka Lise  (I will say it as it is - Firm and Direct)



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Hello and welcome to Explore Wicca!

Whether you’re an experienced Witch, New to the world of Witchcraft, or just a curious passer-by, it’s my hope that you’ll find information here that is beneficial to your own Spiritual Journey.

While there are a number of great resources about Wicca and witchcraft online, Explore Wicca is a unique site where you’ll find in-depth, long form articles about magickal topics that are important to you.

Knowing the “how” of witchcraft is only one part of the equation—you’ve got to understand the “why” too! -  And here at Explore Wicca, it strives to give you both, in a way that’s enjoyable and easy to understand.


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"New to the Craft"

Hi all you NEW Amazing Folks ! again Welcome, thank you each for taking the Time to join and even more engage..
AND YES!! - there are so MANY Questions into where to start - how to start and so forth....and of course as each of you can see - you are really NOT ALONE in this Adventure..

I am gonna deposit a PDF (38 pages) here that MAY ?? help some of you..
As I will often instruct Neophytes in Workshop Sessions - Books are NOT the "Bible" to the Spirit within - they are GUIDES - !
Some can be confusing - many contradict - so move with YOUR SPIRIT...it will never fail you!

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Current Mix of Witch Podcasts That’ll Completely Enchant You - LIVE Entertainment that is still ALIVE....in 2021!

So you want to be a Witch. Or just learn about them??
Whether you’re a Baby Witch, a seasoned pro, or just someone who is seeking a little more Magicke in their Life, here are some Magickal podcasts, chosen so that you can celebrate the 'Season of the Witch' ALL year long. As with all Teachings - the Guidance given, shared, and shared again, is not the ULTIMATE... Part of the Spirituality of any Path is finding what works best for YOURSELF! However in the meantime - Listening to what OTHERS have to say can be quite the 'Eye-Opener'...

The Witch Wave by Pam Grossman   >  

Tune in for “Bewitching conversation about Magicke, Creativity, and Culture” - Pam Grossman has been called “the Terry Gross of Witches” for a good reason: Her interviews with guests flow easily, and give a glimpse into the lives of the best creative Magicke makers.

What’s Your Sign?

What's Your Sign? is billed as “a comedy podcast for Astrology lovers AND haters”, and hosts Stevie Anderson, Julia Loken, and Lisa Chanoux who clearly know their Cosmic stuff—plus, they have great chemistry. Their combined humour will have you cracking up when you listen to this show.

The Fat Feminist Witch

This is podcast for, (as host Paige puts it), “Ranting, Raving, and Wand waving”  - One can only love how she looks at Witchcraft and Paganism through a Modern, Feminist perspective.

Between the Worlds

Try and give this show a listen for Tarot, Psychology, Mythology, Pop culture, Witchcraft, Magicke, Art, and History (where would we be without the History?) with host Amanda Yates Garcia, aka the 'Oracle of Los Angeles'. She insight-fully breaks down the Tarot cards, and asks guests for their interpretations, too.

Elder Hour with Nature

Two smart and savvy Witches, Chelsea Selby and Juliet Diaz, dissect the History, Magickal properties, and science behind a NEW Plant every week. Listening will turn you into a Green Witch (that's a Witch who's especially in tune with Nature). Their last Broadcast however was in December 2020 - so here's hoping that they have not fallen to the Wayside... In the meantime, One can certainly breeze through all the previous podcasts, and Pick & Mix what appeals

Lil' Black Witch

Creating a safe space for listeners, hosts Joi and Praxie are here to Educate, Inspire, and lift you up through literal Magicke. Episodes are variable - They are both Black Women in love with the human race, and as such exert as much endless capacity to advocate, and support the Voiceless, whilst fostering an Environment, that inserts a secondary lift up for anyone listening. 

The Queer Witch

The 'Queer Witch', is hosted by Anna Joy, who explores the intersection between Magickal, and LGBTQ+ identities. Every Episode feels welcome, inclusive, and empowering. Was last active in March 2021, but that seems to be the pattern, they are active every couple of months..

Basic Witches

Combining Spirituality and Comedy, 'Basic Witches' is hosted by Comedians Leah Knauer and Rachel Laforest. They interview Comedians, Musicians, Artists, and fellow Witches about the Magicke of Life, Manifestation, and Sexuality. It's perfect for when you need some laughter with your Witchcraft, topped of with a Goddess Oracle Card Reading. 

So You Wanna Be A Witch?

In this podcast for Soul-centered Entrepreneurs, host Sarah M. Chappell gives an inside look at the Business of being a Witch - aimed at the small Business Owners for conversations about Spirituality, Creativity, and defining Success. 

Earth Speak

Host Natalie Ross gives 'Earth Speak' a chill vibe, as she chats with guests about working with Spirits, connecting with Nature, and Self-care. Episodes feature conversations with people, Plants, Nature Spirits, and high-vibration places on Earth. 

AND FINALLY - for the most part, the reason why many of you are here..................

Seeking Witchcraft

Designed for BEGINNER WITCHES, 'Seeking Witchcraft' teaches the Basics of Witchcraft and Wicca in 30-minute Episodes. Think of host Ashley's Lessons as a little morning Witchy snack before you dive into the full Magickal meal.


'Light' aka Lise





Earth priest 

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This may be somewhere else here, if it is, I am sorry for posting something similar.

It seems so many people get caught up on which correspondence list is "correct" and what this person said about that item, etc.  This may be a little controversial I suppose, and it is my view and not necessarily from any "traditional" path... though i suspect it is very common. If you have lists that are used in your path or your coven, please do what you feel is right with those and take anything i say with a good heaping amount of salt. To me, the items, that are used, are for the practitioner's benefit and the properties of them are not set in stone. It is what helps the practitioner to focus on a certain aspect of their working, to build a theme, or build layers of a concept.

To that end, I will divulge the simple process I have gone through to build my own correspondence lists. It is very straightforward and I expect a lot of "yeah, we know that" lol.

  1. Look at the item, leaf, rock, etc., and see what it makes you first think of.
  2. Hold it in your hand and see if you can detect they type of energy it gives off (if you cannot distinguish between your own energy and the energy of items, it might be best to work on that first).
  3. While holding on to the item, close your eyes and clear your thoughts (meditate basically lol). After you have made still your mind, see what images appear or emotions that you might feel.
  4. If two similar items (two leaves, or two stones, etc) give the same general impression, hold them both in your hands. One in each hand. Try to determine if they work together or if they negate each other.
  5. If the item seems as if it is for healing, but it is unclear as to a specific type of healing, hold it near different parts of your body and see if the energy changes or if it reacts in a certain way.

See, not many steps :). For me, this has given much more positive results than using meanings i have found in lists from books etc.

This should be safe to do with most things. However, before handling an unknown plant, please try to identify it first. There are some stones and plants that are toxic and should not be handled directly (such as those from the belladonna family... like nightshade, mandrake, etc.).


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It has come to my attention through random posting that we tend to throw around the phrases like "feel the energy" without really going in to any depth. Perhaps that is because, to most of us, it has been a part of the basic fundamentals that we worked through long ago and is now just a common part of our lives. However, it would seem that, to those just starting out, it is not such a familiar concept.

As I seem to sometimes caution, what I am about to share is not path dependent. If you follow a path that says different or are part of a group that works, teaches or practices this in a different way, then pay more attention to that than what is to follow.

This is a way of learning to feel and detect energy and, in time, increase the range of detection. As it is with everything else in our way, it takes time, patience, and practice. There can be immediate successes of course and I hope that whoever reads this will experience that from time to time.

Part 1 - Getting started

I think Norwich touched on this in her post here: https://witches.community/page/view-discussion?id=40 . Put your hands close together, but not touching, with the palms facing each other. You should feel a slight buzzing or vibration in both hands. You will also feel the heat (ignore the heat for now). Slowly move your hands further from each other until they are about a foot apart (about 30 cm or so). If, after they are a foot apart, and your hands can no longer feel each other (that buzzing or tingling feeling is gone), then slowly move them closer until you start to feel that.

Slowly move your hands up and down, opposite to each other, about an inch or so (when the left hand goes down, the right hand goes up, etc). While doing this, you should feel the shifting of one hand on the other. It might even feel like you can feel the pull in the bones (like when holding two magnets close to each other). Continue moving the hands up and down. After a while, you should readily feel the opposite movements. While continuing this, try to slowly move the hands another foot apart or until you can no longer feel energy buzzing feeling.

If it doesn't already, it will start to feel like an expanding field between your hands.

Practice this for a bit each day until you can easily feel it while moving the hands apart and while moving the hands up and down. You can also come up with variations of this and practice that too (such as holding a hand over a part of the body instead of in front of the other hand for example). You can also expand on this and by facing your palm towards someone else's and practice the same techniques.

Part 2 - From Someone Else

Now that you know what the energy feels like in your hands, you will recognize when you feel energy in in other parts of your body. You should now be ready to feel energy from someone else. (Though, there is no reason this cannot be practiced while also practicing Part 1, it will, more than likely take the same amount of total time to see the same results).

There a million variations on this that one can come with and it is highly encouraged to experiment and come up with your own ways to practice it. I will be writing it as two people practicing together but with some ingenuity, one can come up with ways to do it by themselves.

Building on part one, we are now going to try with someone else. Sit down, close your eyes (a blindfold is not a bad idea), and relax. Have your practice partner put their hand somewhere over a part of your body. It should be a foot or more away so that the heat from the hand cannot be felt. When you are ready and can feel the energy from their hand, tell them over which part of your body the hand is over. They should write down when you get it right and when you get it wrong but not tell you while this is happening. You should do this several times before switching places. After switching places and putting your hand over different parts of their body, compare notes. You can further increase this by having the person, that is placing the hand, think of something or feel an emotion while doing it and see if that can be correctly identified as well (not really a part of practicing energy for the most part but it can help build up intuition and psychic impression at the same time, two birds with one stone kind of thing).

Also, switch up the hands from time to time. Make a note of which hand the other person can detect easier. The common thought is that the "output" hand is the one's dominant hand (the one that is written with) and that the receptive hand is the non-dominant hand. That however is not a hard-set rule. For me, the opposite is true. This will be need to be known when practicing Part 3.

Practice this often, daily is preferred. After a short amount of time, you should be able to correctly detect where the other person's placed their palm with a scary amount of accuracy.

Part 3 - Pushing And Pulling

As with Part 2, this will be written with two people in mind. And, as with it, there are ways one can come up with to make it to where it can be done by a single individual (it will probably take more prep).

Gather a collection of similar objects. It could be small pieces of wood, some rocks, etc. Anything that is similar and around the same size will work. It should be around 5 or 6 items or so.

In this exercise, one person will be pushing energy to one of the items in the collection and the other person will try and determine which object has been charged. This doesn't have to be a single collection though, it can be done with multiple collections at once (that way one person is doing the same thing for a more consecutive amount of time).

The person that is to determine which items are charged should be in a different room while the items are being charged.

To charge an item (for this exercise, intent does not need to be considered btw), take the item in your "output" hand and close your hand around it. Remember how the energy felt between your two hands. I fit helps, face the palms towards each other for a moment first to feel that energy. Remember how the energy felt, feel that in your arm, and in your mind push that energy from your arm, through your hand, in to the item. It might help to visualize that the energy also has a visible color and that while the energy is moving the color of it moves as well. (After doing this for a time, you should be able to raise the energy over your whole body and then move and condense it to your hand and, if needed, in to an object in your hand, etc). After the object is charged, place it among the other objects that have not been touched and make sure the objects don't touch each other. Call in the other person and have them move their receptive hand over the objects. If they need to, they can pick them up one at a time and hold them. Give them a moment to feel the energy. And when they say which one has been charged, write down the hit or miss.

Detecting the charge of an item is very similar to feeling the palm from another person over a part of you. Clear your mind for a moment, recognize how your receptive hand feels. Notice any energy that it might already be detecting from the ambient. Close the hand and notice how much heat the palm feels from the fingers and the heat the fingers feel from the palm. This is your baseline. You will be trying to feel something other than this from the object. Now that you are familiar with how your hand currently feels, place your hand over the object (or pick it up) and see if it makes your hand feel any different, see if there is a different tingling or buzzing feeling coming from that object. Do this with every object in the collection and, when ready, let the other person know which one felt the strongest to you.

Once a collection has been used and that leg of the exercise is over, take each object one at a time and hold it in your receptive hand. Pull the energy (feel it as when detecting the energy and try to pull that from the object, it might help to give it a color and watch that color move with it). Let the energy pass through you and in to the ground. Once the items are cleared, switch roles with the other person.

A single person variation of this can be done so long as you can come up with a good way to randomize the items after they are charged but still have a way of recognizing the charged item after the fact. Perhaps putting each item in a different envelope with an identifying card. Charge one of them, write down which identifier goes with the charged one and put them in the envelope. Have them on a lazy susan, or something like that, and spin it with your eyes closed. Then try to feel the energy through the envelope. After choosing the one that feels like it is the most charged, open the envelope and see if the identifier matches what was written down.

Practice this often. After a while you should find that this is actually a really easy exercise. When that is the case, you are ready to move on to determining types of energy and what they might represent... but that will have to be another post :D

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My goal is to make this website more usable, so I need your feedback! What works? What doesn't? Let me know!

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