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Incantations - are a little more than just a Spell - they work hand-in-hand with Charms, and they outbid the Layman's 'Prayer'..

There is a popular Gaelic Proverb —“ Gheibh baobk a guidhe ged fhaigk a hranam trocair ”—“ A Witch will get her Wish, though her Soul may not get Mercy”.

As Practitioners - each being a single grain of pulsing Energy amongst the great Sea of Traditions - such becomes the platform for a ongoing Ripple with the Cosmic Web... Incantations are like Echoes - that rides the waves... its performance as an "Art of Enchanting" is given to the Opera of Magicke - hence another term "Song Thought", and its potentiality has no Bounds.

Incantations are NOT Formulas - Formulas are a set idea of Instructions - often followed to the letter - with which the 'Incantation' is a part of... The Incantation is not merely "spoken" in a dull - flat - unmoving is heightened by the Song of the Mind, and the Heart...

Many Incantations follow a version of Rhyming ends... match the first with the second in sounds... that emits a strong unity...not like a Poetic Stance....but a "Force" to be reckoned with... Such a Force reaches the heights of the participating Divinity - Guide - Spirits - or other known/unknown Entity of Interest...

In some Traditions, the Evoker of the Incantation is known as the 'Charmer' - they are of such a Persona - that their actions "Charm" the Air about One....just like the action of a Song touches the Mind and Heart of many who can become immured by its Music and Words... The "Charmer" is derived from the Latin 'carmen' - a Song : and “Incantation” from, "I Sing".

The Power of such a Incantation (when Sung, and NOT just Voiced) - when finished, the Practitioner looks forth over the country, and by the Auguries; Signs; and/or Omens which meet the Eye - they Divine what will be the Fate of the Recipient to which the Incantation was "Sung" on.

Now-a-days, such signs are embedded in the Society we live in - so One needs to be just a little more observant - otherwise such can be easily missed.  Often it can be less than minuets from the Incantation being evoked to a response the Vibrations of the 'Song' ripples along the Cosmic frequencies at a speed not attained elsewhere.

Want to expand on this ??? then ask Questions...and we can move along...

'Light' aka Lise