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hi im sorry im knew. where can i find a group chat?

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I personally find that if one person is asking - then there are others who equally want to know - but do not have the Strength to ask...
Questions are in fact a sign of STRENGTH - not a Weakness, as some are led to believe...
Questions have many Answers to them - each takes from an Answer what resonates!... NOR are Answers given just so as to undermine a previous Speaker... (which often seems to be how many respond against)....

Anyways - the Question asked by another Practitioner :>
"Hi! I have a question what else can you use a railroad spike, besides protection of home?"

image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=221&dpx=1&t=1622081540My Answer given in return.....

There are a few uses...I personally had three of mine reworked as Ritual Knives...

Two of those Knives were gifted too Associates, mine - is at the Altar - in the shape of a Hooded Cobra...

If you know where the Railroad Spikes came from - ie the Name of the "Line" that they tied down...then that takes it into one direction..

** They are of Iron - so any Divinity that reveres Iron as a Sacred object, will welcome them..... Just be careful where placing them if you work with certain Spirits, as Iron is also a repellent within some Traditions..

** Depending on how many you have - can be used to create a Grid that will allow the Practitioner in controlling Spirits of the Dead for practical ends.  The Formations can be created as a Triangle to Square, and so forth...each Formations provides its own 'Values'..

** Scrapings from the Ties can be placed in Charm Bags - with other items of relevance...

** IF One is really lucky to find a THREE Pointed Rail Spike (Center Spike in above image) - then it makes an excellent Phurba

** They can be used as a Trivet (laid on the side) to a Pot in the Fire - for Casting..........which is kept from actual contact with the ground by being supported on Three old bricks, especially if you do not have a Cauldron - the Iron (on Bricks) and a STEEL pot comes second..

** They can be driven into the ground - again as a Trivet - with the Heads facing out in a Triangular Form.

The Shape of the Iron Ties looks like a incomplete 7 - 3 x 7 equals a "Crossroad of Directions"...with regards to too the Fates....
The longer ends, (are driven a little way into the ground), then Offerings are given in the Center - and whatever follows, will Guide you through a Directional process.. The results will manifest after the Third Day - and HOLD course till the Seventh.....

(Crossroads Formations vary from Tradition to Tradition - so it can be tweaked)

.......................just a few

'Light' aka Lise


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Hi ya'll,

If you used Witches.Chat and built up for your site contributions, and you'd like to have them moved here (we call them here), please let me know and I'll move them over. I've moved about a dozen people's Pentacles so far, but there's new people every day. Lemme know.

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Another way to find charms is to make an offering to the Fae Folk. After doing so, you will find that magical objects begin appearing before you.

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When I first began to practice magick, I was drawn in by the truth that there is at least a little magick in everything, and that is what guides me to magickal charms. For those of you who are newer, you will find that you become more and more in tune with charms that *want* to serve you and lend their magick to your practice. Sometimes it is found items at an estate sale, or in nature. Sometimes you will combine items (like in a sachet or small pillow) and empower them in your spellwork. 

Just remember when you are gathering from live plants to first ask the plant for permission, then cast a circle of protection and health before taking a cutting. (It almost goes without saying but please only gather only with permission from land owners and only in small amounts.)