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A new has been added called . It can be used to post Instagram-like cards with quotes, or pure text quotes.

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An organization used to support The Witches Community, including , , and the marketplace.

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Hello beauties,

I have added several to the function, including , , , , , Good Links, , Activity, #Healthy Living, and #Sabbats & #Esbats.

My goal is to make this website more usable, so I need your feedback! What works? What doesn't? Let me know!

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Hello everyone! I'm going to be helping out with the and also participating in . Malwynne created an with pictures of good books to read, and that gave me the idea to add as a for the discussions. It also seems like we should have a lot more for  discussion , like and . I'll post an update when that's done. I plan to start sending out an email #newsletter on a regular basis to list #updates and petition everyone for #WebsiteIdeas.