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If you are interested in taking over this and you are qualified to do so, please let me know so that I can pass on ownership to you. If you want to take this group over, you must be willing to attend to it at least weekly, if not daily. You will need to understand how the site works and how to add (for live chat events and more), (to give your members things to do and complete to help them grow) and (Classes to teach your people). If you have that kind of time available, and you want to take this major project on and make it your own, please contact me.

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Hi peeps. The feature is activate and needs testing. This will bring us one step closer to being able to offer . If you are so inclined, join the called New to the Craft and click Tasks. After that, put a check mark in I read this and have completed this task. You may need to join the Group first. Once this is working good, Classes feature will be added. At that point, we're going to need and .