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I'm so glad to see you back! As you can see, entirely new software is used here, and on a supercharged server. I missed you! Things are just now getting started going here. I created a few , including a New to The Craft group that I'm hoping and will takeover to help , of new Groups can be created, too. Inside those can be created and many other things.

As well, for the first time in many years, I've pulled out a few books and started reading again. The old site (Witches.Chat) took so much time to maintain that I neglected my own studies. I'm really glad to see you back :)


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and functionality has been added to the site. There's a lot to this, but basically, it is now possible to create a Class or Course in a . and be advised.

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Hi peeps. The feature is activate and needs testing. This will bring us one step closer to being able to offer . If you are so inclined, join the called New to the Craft and click Tasks. After that, put a check mark in I read this and have completed this task. You may need to join the Group first. Once this is working good, Classes feature will be added. At that point, we're going to need and .