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Website changes 4-7-2021

Hello beauties,

I have added several to the function, including , , , , , Good Links, , Activity, #Healthy Living, and #Sabbats & #Esbats.

My goal is to make this website more usable, so I need your feedback! What works? What doesn't? Let me know!

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  • I find the site extremely difficult to navigate

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    • I find the site extremely difficult to navigate


      Hi Norwich2 

      I'm glad you said something about it! The navigation system on Witches.Community is a more advanced version of the systems we've all used for over a decade on the internet. Let me see if I can out a little to explain how to use the site.

      So that people can find relative information better, use everywhere you post. The system collects all hashtags and puts them into a database. Later, people can search through all the hashtags to find the stuff they're looking for. Eventually all new hashtags will collect on the page, and people can subscribe to hashtags that they are interested in. After that, when someone uses a hashtag that someone else is subscribed to, they get a notification letting them know there is activity regarding that hashtag. In short, use hashtags when you feel it's important to others, and subscribe to the hashtags you're interested in following here: https://witches.community/page/channels-home


      For over a decade, forums has been the common place where conversations take place. Discussions is just like forums except the layout is different. Instead of going to a page on the website that contains the forums and , all you have to do is read them right on the front page of the site. In other words, the forums ARE the front page! But how do you know which forum you're posting in? Simple...just click on Discussions at the top of the site's homepage where it says "Add new..." and "What's happening, Norwich2 " From there you will see a pull-down menu called that contains all of the / in the forum / discussion. The list of categories is growing all the time, and Malatesa and I are asking for #suggestions for more.

      Right now, because the site is new, people have only been posting to Everything Else, Introduce Yourself, and Website Help. As people get more familiar with how the site works, they will post to other categories. Again, think of a discussion as a forum, and think of a category in a discussion as a subforum in a forum (or a #topic in a forum).

      If you want to see what the front page of the discussions (similar to old-school forums) looks like, you can click on Discussions in the menu, or just go here: https://witches.community/page/discussions-home

      Another way to add a new discussion is to click on your avatar picture and then click on the plus sign  ( + ). There you will see different kinds of things you can add, including a new discussion. In fact, that's the same way you'd add a quiz or a poll or a video or anything else you can think of. When you add stuff like that, it shows up on the main page of the site, and if people are following your hashtags or your profile, they get notified. In fact, if they are on the site at the same time as you are, you can chat with them live by clicking the little chat bubble icon.

      That's a rough outline of how some things are structured here. Please reply and let me know what still seems tricky to understand, and I'll help sort it out. It is a new way of doing things, so it's going to take a while to adjust to.


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    • Yea, a little too redundant

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      • Thanks for the info. Hashtags are channels & forums are discussions & categories are sub forums & chickens are petunias 😜.   Following a conversation with the responses scattered throughout the front page and beyond can be read if you go to um ...the discussion 😩. I need three cups of coffee to follow that😉 but  I’m determined to figure it out before all my hair is gone.

        4/11 Edit - your tips are helping. I’m making progress 😁

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