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It is a full moon tonight, any suggestion on what i can do tonight during the full moon.

I will be making moon water, taking a moon bath outside. Other suggestions would be appreciated. 

Ex. Moon rituals ect, I am still learning :)

Lots of love,


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    • You might have already found some good answers, and i was a bit surprised you did not get any response for this post.

      The moon has always been seen as related to water because of its affects on the tides. As such, a full moon is a particularly good time to do water magic (water magic deals with emotions, healing, and the inner self for the most part). See if you can find any  water spells or water based rituals that would interest you and that you might have the items and time to prepare.

      Also, since the moon is associated with water, the full moon is a good night to try out water scrying. All one needs is some water, a dark bowl to put it in, and some time to stare :).

      It is also seen as a good time to charge amulets, talismans, and tools that are made from silver or copper.

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      • I have no crystals, oils or tools yet unfortunatly I do not know where to get them yet I am wanting to build a collection and clean up my bbig laundry room as an altar space I am yet to get there :(

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      • If you cannot, readily find a spell or ritual, it is not too much work to create one for yourself. Determine what you want your intent to be. Look through correspondences and see if you can find herbs, stones, colors, etc, of things that will lend to that intent. Write a heartfelt bit of text that will invoke that intent, for you. Set your alter up as you best feel will embody that intent. You might want to dress a candle with oil and herbs or come up with a sigil and engrave that in to a candle. And/Or create a petition and write that down and burn it to release the energy in to the world... etc

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        • Thank you for the advice, I will deffinelty be dwelling more into creating my own rituals as a learn of more ( I have not learned many at the moment).

          Thank you for the quick advice on how to be one by myself and to choose what works for me the best :)

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        • For some of us  the best thing to do is sit outside and mediate on the full moon and then the energy from it -- and remember how it changes over the lunar cycle -- learn to merge with each phase and ask the spirit of the Moon (what ever culture you are working with) to give you insight -- and then do it on each quarter of the Moon cycle and reach out and touch the energy and Deity associated with that quarter 

           Now when you make the contact  remember the feeling   so next time it become easier and more powerful --- and when you are doing 'work' associated with that phase -- remember those feeling and let them help you enhance your 'work'

           Blessed be to All

          \  Marcus Agrippa1

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          • I have not figured out what spirit of the moon I am really associated with i think I just see it for myself as the energy of the earth and moon/sun in itself. I wouldnt say I am attatched to any culture but do pick and learn from them.

            Then do what you feel is right for you -- the understanding and focus will come to you -- sometimes things like this best take long slow times -- kind of like making a fine wine

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            • I can feel inside what is strong to me and powerful and I think that is what is the most important I am the witch, no matter what tools, religion or dietys i choose or not choose its about what feels right :)

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              • Me personally I tend to delve into the aspects of the Dark Moon (New)....
                The Full (White) Moon often gets ALL the attention - but in Truth it is just really One of the Three Sister Stages.

                White (Full) Moon <> Balance Moon <> Dark (New Moon)
                if One looks at the true values Each brings to the table it is almost a Charge of re-calibration on a Bi-Weekly State..

                White Full Moon = 13 Stages/Platforms

                Balance Moon = 26 Stages (opportunities to return to a even order)

                Dark New Moon = 13 Stages/Platforms

                Total Stages of Action equates to 52 - which in theory of Time, denotes that almost on a weekly basis - One is re-structuring the actions to come in alignment with the Flows...
                Your Spirit revels in these States of Energies - and top the Flows with a good dollop of Solar intervention (13) - the Re-charge Formula.

                You may find the below pdf of some interest to your Experiences (and as I always add) - THIS is just a Guideline of someones written Experiences... IT is NOT the totality of YOUR EXPERIENCES..

                Dark Moon (New) Lunar Guidebook

                Another Dialogue that may extract some further understanding is this Dialogue...

                Exploring the Moon

                ....and here there is the example of how some Traditions truly interact with the "Moon"

                Rākau-nui as an acknowledgment to the Full Moon phase 

                In the same breath - Spirit reminds also that when One has a truly wild DEEP relationship with the Moon - then they will also link the Threads of all the other Moons existing in that Cosmic Sea...

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              • I plan to recite one of my great, great grandmothers releasing spell to remove all negative energy from me and my family's life to make room for all the positive energy that is around us. 

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                • How is a releasing spell done if you dont mind me asking :)

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                  • In which context? (What are you releasing?)

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                    • negative energy mostly.

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                      • is the perfect time to make " les elixirs d'amour" and others importants rituals, 

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