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A Feminist Perspective on the History of Women as Witches

A Feminist Perspective on the History of Women as Witches - NEW LINK - UPDATED

Just really 12 Pages to digest - is however part of a deeper series that connects with that of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies Commons, Other Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Commons.
Following the links embedded in the Paper takes One to a whole New level...

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    • The link doesn't work. Hopefully a temporary issue.

      On a tangent, the association of witchcraft with women is a common part of the modern imagination, but doesn't actually line up with history very well. For example when looking at witchcraft persecution, the gender disparity varies drastically from nation to nation. For instance in Iceland, about 90% of witches who were brought to trial were men. Poland was in the neighbourhood of 60% men. Plenty of the groups associated with witchcraft, such as the Calusari, the Horseman's Word, and so on, were male-only societies. Obviously women played a major role in many parts of Europe and the world at large, but by no means did women have an exclusive claim to being witches nor being persecuted for same.

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      • It is the Site itself that is down - will look into it again later - may just be a Glytch or Permanent - many sites are going this way - sadly.

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