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If you're

If you're just getting started, I recommend the Sabbat Essentials books. Don't worry about buying the whole set at once. When I was I just bought one at a time (or check them out of your library!) a few weeks before celebrating  that Sabbat. For those of you who don't know, Beltane is approaching (May 1), and I still like to pull mine out and look for new spells or rituals to incorporate into my practice. 

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    Beginners FAQ - how to start

    . Are you comfortable doing the spell within your current faith or spirituality?
    . Spell-Craft: Know your goal - to attract, to repel, to hold in place
    . Use a pendulum to confirm

    Air ☁️: incense 🥢(or aerosol mist) scent sets mood
    Fire 🔥: 🕯candles+holders, matches; oil to transfer & hold a psychic charge
    Water 💦: 🍷potion cup or bowls 🥣
    Earth 🪨: 🧂Salt for purifying, 🪴herbs add energy, 🪨palm-stone for stroking

    Formal ritual tools are not needed to get started, but if you have ‘em, use ‘em. The 🍷 is the Lady’s🪆symbol that holds and shapes fluid energy, the 🗡 is the Lord’s 🦌 symbol that directs and divides energy. A 🪄 moves energy both ↔️ ways. The🌟 represents the 5 elements, charges spells and protects.

    🪨Useful stones - all purpose quartz - any stone will hold a psychic charge; stone stroking with a chant & body swaying aids trance

    🌿Useful herbs
    . Parsley - cleanses & adds good vibes
    . Basil - protection in spirit-travel; aids psychism, prosperity, romance
    . Sage - use as incense to clear cross-currents & banish spirits
    . Rosemary- all purposes, 🫖 aids memory
    . Thyme - 🫖 aids "Sight"; temple incense dispels harm & honors deceased

    1st ground yourself - think it to send your energy down the spine to root into the earth; draw power on the breath into the solar plexus to power-up; push energy from the belly & thru your hands; with palms facing 👏🏽 move hands back & forth. You’ll feel a spongy pushback. Shake your hands like shaking off water to clear the energy.

    Easy Sacred Space
    . Before setting up gear, meditate & fill the area with good vibes
    . Cleanse the table, incense it, dab & spread oil to hold a charge & magnetize it 🙌🏽 the 1st time it’s used. Thereafter:
    1. Place gear inside your planned work space. Start & end each pass at north.
    2. Sweep🧹or ↪️ spritz 🧂💦 salt-water; lite🥢incense; Point-&-push 👉🏼 to cast circle ↩️
    3. Air-draw an invoking pentagram ↙️⭐️ to begin the rite
    4. Reflect & meditate, honor Divinity, do divinations, spells
    5. End the rite with a banishing pentagram  ↗️⭐️ sign

    Simple Daily Practices 
    . practice psi-balls between palms🙏🏼, load-aim-push from the gut👏🏽; move hands back & forth
    . deep breathe; candle🕯gaze to park the mind; meditate 20 min & journal 10 min 
    . light a gratitude candle 🕯
    . do spells if there’s a true need and with appropriate timing & planning
    . greet Sun☀️ Moon🌛, Earth🌎-“Hail to Sol, Selene, Gaia” and 4-winds NESW “Hail to Boreas, Eurus, Notos, Zephyrus.”
    . walk barefoot 👣🐾 in Nature, breathe deeply, feel Mother Earth 🌎 beneath your feet
    . use your empathic senses to greet the Genius Loci; leave friendship offerings 💦🍞
    . read 30 minutes and journal 10 min 📔 on the content

    Study suggestions

    Cunningham’s Wicca for Solitary Practitioners 

    Higgenbotham’s Paganism

    Full length Wiccan Rede, Charge of the Goddess

    Gobekli Tepi, Graham Hancock’s YT videos


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