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Crystal Visions Tarot

so I’ve been clearing my now spare room to use as a chill/meditation space in time, and came across a box of tarot cards I had bought but not yet opened... 

Crystal Visions Tarot 

Look very mystical and pretty upon opening ... but not the most easy to interpret... 

Anyone used this deck? And what’s your views on it?

Thanks in advance 🙏

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    • They sort of send a Double Meaning - in that when One reads the "Crystal" part - there is that "ohhhh Crystals" - and in fact nothing to do with that all!

      The Images are all aligned with aspects of the Fae...and the idea of the Readings is that the "Crystal" part is too do with "Clarity" - How one perceives and then gets that "Ahhhaaa" moment...

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      • Each Element is represented by a form of associated Nature Character....example - Swords are given to most "Winged" Creatures as those Natural to Air...

        Water = Cups - becomes aspects of Moon, Water (naturally) - Water Lilies, Dragonflies (messes up the Sword aspect though), and Water Nymphs.

        Earth = Pentacles - so that brings into account Dryads... Plants, Wildlife, Crystals and Gems.
        The concern with some of those images can involve the attention of other Elements - like a Crystal that is associated to Fire or the Moon or Air..

        In the end - it is too the Practitioner to create the Bond with the Divining Tool - using a 'Language' that is balanced between them alone... 

        What the "Book" has to say ultimately dissolves...

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