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Some Excellent New Authors

I have come across two new authors whose works are excellent -- They are experienced and write in a way that makes your learning from them easy.   

The first I am proud to say is another New Jersey author out of the Pine Barrens --- Jason Miller

The second is from New York City where he has taught magick and similar subjects for years - Draja Mickaharic 

Now like with any author  there may be points where you don't agree -=- and that is fine -- It should make you stop and think --- it at least gives you a new perspective!

     Blessed be to All

       MA   aka  MarcusAgrippa1@aol,com

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    • Your welcome-- any time Sacred Hamster --- there are a lot of really good serious authors out there --- I will continue to post as I come across them --- And I would hope other people will do the same -- we all learn from each other -- what is the line from John Donne "No Man is an Island entire unto himself..."


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