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Classes and Courses functionality has been added

and functionality has been added to the site. There's a lot to this, but basically, it is now possible to create a Class or Course in a . and be advised.

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  • Hello, I am looking for guidance on the best place to start my beginners research. I intend to learn as much on my own about Wicca but am a seeker of knowledge and would love to have a mentor point me on the correct path on where to begin. Thanks! 

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    • Hi Mandy - you could pick subjects that interest you and research one a month, or pick a training book to study like Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, available free as PDF

      Some themes -
      . The Charge of the Goddess text by Doreen Valiente
      . Pagan holidays as Nature’s cycles, aka the wheel of the year
      . The Rede of the Wicce text by Gwen Thompson

      . Circle Ritual and Making a Wiccan altar, magical work space, sacred space

      . Gobekli Tepe, the oldest known ritual site - watch YT videos to just get a feel for the history

      . Formal Wiccan ritual tools are not needed to get started, but if you have ‘em, use ‘em. The 🍷 is the Lady’s🪆symbol that holds and shapes fluid energy, the 🗡 is the Lord’s 🦌 symbol that directs and separates energy. A 🪄 moves energy both ↔️ ways. The🌟 represents the 5 elements, charges spells and protects. Each represents an Element - 🍷water, 🗡fire, 🪄air,🌟earth. Elements of matter manifest intentions.

      🌿Useful herbs
      . Basil - protection in spirit-travel; aids psychism, prosperity, romance
      . Parsley - cleanses & adds good vibes
      . Sage - use as incense to clear cross-currents & banish spirits
      . Rosemary- all purpose, 🫖 aids trance recall
      . Thyme - 🫖 aids "Sight"; temple incense dispels harm & honors deceased

      🪨Useful stones - all purpose quartz - any stone will hold a psychic charge; stone stroking with a chant & body swaying aids trance 

      . Basic Spell methods - bag/bottle, candle, cord/knot, petition, potion, sigil, stone-grid

      Simple Daily Practices
      . read 30 minutes and journal 📔 10 minutes on the content
      . light a gratitude candle🕯
      . greet Sol☀️, Selene🌛, Gaia🌎 - & 4-winds NESW “Hail to Boreas, Eurus, Notos, Zephyrus.”
      . walk barefoot 👣🐾 in Nature, breathe deeply, feel Mother Earth 🌎 beneath your feet; do grounding & centering exercises 
      . practice psi-balls between palms🙏🏼, pull power on the breath to the solar plexus, think it & push from the gut👏🏽; move hands back & forth to feel a pushback
      . deep breathe; gaze at a candle’s flame to park the mind; meditate 10-30 min, beginning meditation 
      . use empathic senses to greet the Genius Loci; leave friendship offerings 💦🍞🍓

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