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When I was a young preteen I had a flashing temper. One day I realized I didn't like how I felt when I was angry - sullen, bitter, hostile, but also powerful - so I decided to use the power to transform the feelings into good energy. I called it "trans-mogrify" from the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. I would imagine my hurt or anger all in a bundle of spikes and snarled, rusty coils, held in my belly and command it to "transmogrify". It immediately melted into crystal clear water, and refreshment, cleansing me of all anger in the process. (I wondered why nations didn't do this).

So all these years later,  I was reading on the Trad Witch forum about Peruvian magic in the Andes mountains, where they ingest  negative energies in their stomachs, just like digestion. They retain the nourishing good, and expel the crap into the Earth where it is absorbed and transformed to make good things grow.

Energy can't be created or destroyed, but it can be transmuted. If someone throws bad energy at me, i can "transmogrify!" and give me a blessing. Once the energy is in my ball park, it's mine to shape as I want. This is so much healthier than return-to-sender, where it can be sent back to me again and again. When energy is transmuted, the battle ends.

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