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Strong feeling about a dream

I had this strange dream about this unfamiliar house. One thing I remember about this house was it was yellow and had a big front lawn with one oak tree in the middle of the right side. There was no neighborhood…just that house. My family was there,I think. I know people were inside the house. It started raining hard and for some reason I walked out the house and towards the grass in the front yard. I sat down in a meditation form and closed my eyes. When I opened them, the atmosphere changed. I could feel I was alone. Everyone just disappeared. I got up and walked inside the house but yet it was sunny. Again,I was all alone now. Yet outside one of the windows I saw a man in dark clothing walk by. I got scared so I hid. That’s when he came in and he had a knife. Without hesitation I knew he was there to kill me. So I ran to a room and hid there. The man came in and I saw the knife once more but for some reason his face is still a blur. I saw it in the dream but I just can’t remember. Out of all the things,it had to be the face of my murderer. I get this sounds like some silly nightmare but after I woke up…the feeling stayed. That feeling of the atmosphere changing…that house….that man. I feel like there’s more to that dream than I was led on. I have this feeling it means something. I’m no witch but…if there is a witch that could help me,please do so. 

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  • There’s more than one way to think of the dream. The way I was taught was to 1st interpret in terms of the objects of any dream representing the dreamer-persona and look at the setting & the actions.

    . House would be the physical body, ie physical “housing” of the persona. Leaving and returning to the house is OOBE.

    . Family would be emotions and relationships; a specific family member would be the dreamer’s relationships represented by their feelings for that person and how they get along; unseen family presence would be the dreamer’s state of generalized self awareness

    . Rain - symbol of washing clean, renewal, replenishing 

    . Oak tree - symbol of nature’s life-force, of strength and endurance

    . Isolated location - solitude, separation and a change in progress of conscious perception 

    . Meditation -  seeking replenishing, strength & solitude and it precedes a change in the dreamer’s self awareness

    . Re-enter empty house - indicates a change in perception of your own consciousness, ie  separation of emotional reactions from their triggering events; return to body

    . Unidentifiable threatening figure - remember all parts of the dream symbolize the dreamer so this is an unidentified, or shadow-self image; or self-destructive negative emotional attachments, i.e, the thoughts, behavior, attachments we have that ”kill” personal renewal, strength, endurance; hiding from threatening figure = hiding from rather than confronting an underlying feeling of a change being needed

    Dreams overstate and overdramatize to draw attention to the point the subconscious wants to make. 

    Another way to take the dream is as a precog, so examine its frequency resonance, ie., does it feel like other precognitive energy you’ve experienced. Use similar analysis as above.

    Dreams can be both precognitive and self-awareness at the same time and when played out in waking life would manifest as a mild  replay & you’d recognize the dream underneath the events - you might think, “oh! this is like that dream I had.” 

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