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My tarot deck knows!

Good evening everyone

So it happens that yesterday I had a discussion with my boyfriend and I ended up a bit sad. Tonite, i wanted to ask my deck (The Wild Unknown tarot) if there was something wrong in my love life, and how I would be able to eventually solve it, plus any kind of suggestions it could give me, but I decided to look at the cards only after the goodnight-phonecall with my boyfriend. During the call, he told me about this huge job opportunity, he was frightened but also very happy and intentioned to accept. Long story short, when I flipped the cards i found this:

The tower 

Son of wands (for anyone who doesn't know this deck, son is equal to knight, it's the author's name choice)

Six of pentacles

My interpretation, helped by the guidebook, was literally: a big scary change is coming for the charming person (to me, it's my bf), but also wealth will arrive.

Isn't it the perfect summary for what happened today, even if it doesn't directly answer my question...? 😂 I'm happy for my tarot skills, and now I'll have to give all my best energy to my boyfriend to support his job choices ❤️

Hopefully, things will turn out well. 

Blessed be!

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    • Good luck to you and your boyfriend. <3

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      • There are many ways in which to 'Read' the Tarot - or 'Royal Path of Life' - so much more easier before the 1000's of variations moved in.

        Now One has to kinda get into the head of the Creator regarding each Deck produced - certainly confusing to the Spirits and Guides, who had a simple Formula that applied almost across the Board..

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        • Sometimes I feel the Tower gets a bad rap. I've kinda come to look at the tower as a positive card. It's a card of transition. Sure, the change may be abrupt, feel as the rug has been pulled out from under ya, take your breath away a sec or two..BUT it's what follows, after the dust has settled, that's when the real excitement begins.

          I look at The Tower as (what have you) way of saying.. Look, this situation/circumstance has gone on long enough. You are stagnating or worse, moving further in the wrong direction. Apparently, you need help getting where you need and want to be....so,⚡⚡!

          Two times I've had The Tower reveal itself to me, over and over and over - one of those xs being presently (which why suppose felt compelled to comment).
          Currently, it's always followed with the 10 of cups, 10 of pentacles and 3 of cups...all of which puts a smile on my face. Also, I know exactly what it's pertaining to (don't we always) and thrilled to know a long battle will soon be over. (Joy!)

          As for the other time...Well, that one did involve a little more pain (long story). Nevertheless, helped prepare me for what was coming, or rather confirmed and forced me to deal with what I already knew, but not wanting to. *The tower has since been rebuilt - stronger and better than ever before.
          So in my experience, one way or another, happy endings always follow the Tower. 🤗

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          • Imo, the death and tower cards are somewhat similar. However, the energy of the tower card is more forceful, abrupt and chaotic. 

            Personally, I've never used reversals in my spread. If a card is meant to be read that way, intuitively this will come through. 

            🤔 Here's a thought... perhaps the reason you often pull the tower is the fear beforehand you just might. Ex: when I'm just sitting for a period watching a movie, I have a habit of grabbing a deck and repeatedly shuffle as I watch. When doing so, if the Star card is on my mind I will end on that card over and over or it will pop out time and time again. It always makes me laugh in awe. Just maybe you're doing this as well. ;)

            Take a few breaths, clear your mind and have no expectations. 

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            • It totally can be! I've never thought about it but, if I have a "prejudice" on what the answer will be, I may somehow "pollute" it 

              I have difficult times at clearing my mind but I'm learning meditation with crystals and candles so slowly I'll improve more and more 😁 thank you very much for the sharing   

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              • You're welcome :) 

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              • When I am Teaching the 'Tarot' - I always remind the Practitioners that no matter what the Deck is they hold - or the format of Images, and what is said in the little 'Creator's Guide' - each card stands for some quality or experience that we must incorporate before we can realize our wholeness. 

                We ALL travel this road to self-actualization, though our trips more often than not involve detours, backups and restarts than smooth progression! 

                Each, and everyone’s specific Path is Unique, but the Milestones are Universal. The 22 Higher Secrets are markers on the Path of Inner Development, leading from earliest awareness (0) to integration and fulfillment (21). 

                These ‘Secrets’ hold all the patterns of growth, whether they occur within one segment of a life or in stages of a whole life span. It does NOT matter what the Pack is that you hold - the formula for each is the same – understand the basics, and then enrich that with what is symbolically surrounding the design.

                Tower (16) – Represent Release through the sudden change.

                The Number 16 denotes 'Divination' (16) as well as 'Time' (7) - so the value of the Tower speaks in its first moment of Divined Time - That which is Foreseen - BUT can be Changed as Time has no adherence..it is manipulative...

                The Tower is the Ego Fortress each of us has built around our beautiful inner core. Grey, cold and rock-hard, this Fortress seems to protect, but is in Truth really a prison. The Lightning strikes - the Dark despair is blasted away in an instant, and the Light of Truth is free to shine down.
                When the Tower presents itself it reminds One that in many ways they are concealed from a Truth - the Tower has few WINDOWS - and those that are not denied Occupants are high up - small and limited to what can be perceived...  Anything built on a Lie will not remain standing for long. It will be torn down and rebuilt with the Truth.

                In its destruction - it reminds the Practitioner/Reader, that in fact many Times before there has been small nudges along the way preparing you for this moment. However, as is with all Mortals - there is that defiant need to ignore the "signs" and so the Tower is Dedicated to Saturn...who in many ways has been trying to get the 'Ego" to recognise that Change is about to occur.

                The Knight of Wands, is the Protector, One who serves the Higher Authorities with out Question - the Wand is the Directive for how that Flow is applied... Wand is the Tool that serves the Energy in its Flow...what you Desire; how you Desire; and the force behind that Desire is all directed.. Wand is the Extension of Self's own Power - Force..

                Six of Pentacles - Six is the Number for the strength of the Provider - often the Masculine Force that serves to Protect and Provide. Here the Pentacles indicate that in this action - such a Provision etc comes at a Cost - nothing is Free - One pays a Price.

                'Light' aka Lise

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                • Thank you very much for this explanation. I've read also that expert tarot readers analyze the sensations that each card gives them even just by looking at the pictures, and only after they complete the meaning with the "base" of every deck.

                  I didn't know those details on the knight of wands, as a beginner I was used to read only Major Arcana, and I've added Minor Arcana later (I still need a guide because I don't remember all cards yet).

                  By the way does what Tiffanie and I said in the other comment make sense to you? Does an unclear mind pollute the result of the drawing? Because this would explain my last readings, as I have issues at focusing 😅 

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                  • >>Does an unclear mind pollute the result of the drawing? <<

                    No Mortal truly has a "Unclear" mind - it takes many years of Training and Focusing in regards to separating 'Self-Interests' from what is being sought. That investment in Self is Survival - tinged with Justification and Instinctive Needs....after all as Mortals - it is about "Spirit" Experiencing, which undermines sensibility.
                    The Heart leans towards that option - to "See" what Fulfills the Needs...yet the Mind chooses to 'Argue' with the Spirit - which in turn steps back from the Experience, to allow the Mortal's Will to prevail ......

                    That is why many a Reader/Practitioner are kinda advised NOT too read for themselves - they become Bias to what they WANT - to what they SEE.

                    'Light' aka Lise

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                  • Although Tarot is a part of my traditional practice, it’s because it was borrowed from Europeans while our traditions were being established in the “new world.” So can’t say I know what was originally intended with Tarot but I can say that the way I understand it is as an unspoken language... a collection of symbols combined in a variety of ways to communicate.

                    I feel like the decks themselves are largely neutral? Not sure how others feel. It’s one of many many forms of divination. I think the information comes through and not from them. Spirits and Guides speak a language beyond the prescribed. We do too... we just frequently don’t know it. Tarot is like a mouthpiece... it’s like channeling, but what comes comes through the cards not just the reader imo.

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                    • I've never been a "card reader" per se. In fact, if I focus too much on the cards or the rules/meanings, I end up getting in my head and risk losing the connection. For myself, I more utilized them as a tool to focus my energy and get me into the proper space. They're like an old baby blanket. lol calming. It is definitely a form of channeling for me as well.

                      That being said, I do still quite enjoy learning about it's history and the in depth symbology. 

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                    • In the beginning of this thread we discussed the tower card and meaning - when presents itself to me in a reading. I also mentioned how the tower been showing up repeatedly over the past couple months. 

                      Well, since commented and over the past week...a skin cancer spot was found on my leg (no worries, carcinoma, being cut out and treated), mammogram revealed a nodule (no worries, confident next week's test reveal benign), referred to hematologist regarding rare blood disorder, and have been diagnosed with Lupus disease. Ha! The Tower ♡ (TMI? eh) 

                      Yep, that's how the tower shows up for me. However, each time the cards that followed were extremely positive. The Tower - can rock your world! BUT now I can take the proper steps towards healing, prevent from worsening, and manage my illness. 

                      Perhaps, the tower didn't keep showing up as to necessarily warn me of the upheaval ahead, but rather bring comfort/assurance that everything will be just fine when it did. Hence, the cards that followed. 🙂

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                      • My situation also ended up being good, even if not as much as expected. Sometimes the result can't be positive because of past unsolved situation, I think. 

                        Hopefully you found your illness on time and can work to heal  

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                        • Glad things worked out for you. 

                          Sometimes what we perceive as negative may actually be positive - clouded by our personal lenses. All's a matter of perspective. And... sometimes an unchangeable negative becomes a positive, because of growth, lessons, new direction it gave way. Then sometimes perhaps it really is just 💩🤷🏼‍♀️ 🙃

                          I continue to go with the flow. The bigger picture is far more vast than I'll ever know. No worries here. After all, doesn't do a damn bit of good anyway. ;) ❤

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                        • Wise Tiffanie, for sure things will be better

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