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COVID Masks Adorn Healing Trees in updated Pagan Rite

Healing Trees or “Arbres à loques”

Is the above action following a respect for the Earth Environment??? 

Does changing the Ritual "To-suit" provide the same strength of Magicke etc???

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    • I saw a mask tied onto a car antenna fluttering in the wind as the car sped down the highway and it reminded me of that very old custom. It struck me as a human coping statement. Those damned masks are part of our modern day clothing - no doubt you’ve seen those fashion statement, color coordinated masks the notorious Speaker of the House wears - so they would symbolize the same magical intent as garments in times past. As for tying any cloth to trees being un-environmental … think of prayer flags and that olde-time magical practice is noted for the junk dropped into wishing wells, streams & burial sites as spell offerings as well as the disposal of spell remains tossed into flowing water or buried. 

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      • I get where you are coming from with regards to the Intent etc..
        I think my concern is what the Masks are actually made from - materials that do not have a environmental friendly use.

        When we look at the History of when the 'Healing Trees' were activated - many of the materials used then would have been made from natural threads; wood; metal etc that all eventually broke down in the Elements...

        The many masks we see now - (for the most part) - certainly do not have that same environmental quality, and will still be floating in the Elements long after the Tree itself expires....

        Not sure that equates to the same form of Magicke - or Healing Power...?

        'Light' aka Lise

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      • Ee-ew - what the heck are masks made from? 

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