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Sometimes we have a need to be under the radar. Discreet altars won’t look witchy and can repurpose kitchen dishes & utensils, & your nature-finds. Pay attention to elemental symbolism when making substitutions. A room or working surface might be arranged with elemental themes assigned to the 4 corners such as placing a bottle of soap bubbles for Air, a single candle🕯 as Fire, a glass of H2O for Water & a rock collection as Earth. Some prefer using no animal parts like bones claws, teeth, fur, feathers or sea shells while others might use them exclusively. A smaller size might have a stone in a bowl of water to represent Earth & Water. Trace a pentagram on the stone with the water & it becomes an Earth-offering - the star discreetly evaporates. Add 4 colored marbles 🟡🔴🔵🟢  to represent the 4 elements. Repurpose Christmas ornaments 🌟🦌 🔔. Avoid flashy ritual regalia & use your hands 🙌🏽 and fingers 👉🏼 (or a laser-pointer for the mind, eye, hand, energy link). Everybody looks under the bed so don’t keep your items there all together in a box unless it's that rock collection - nothing to see here. 😉


Imagine uses for uniquely shaped 💛🌛& naturally marked⚡️stones; traditionally protective hag-stones have a hole clean through; wish-stones are encircled by one line symbolizing the Magic circle & 3 realms of the cosmic-above, mundane-here-&-now and unseen-bellow; map-stones are cris-crossed by many lines
. Candles 🕯- if flame is OK then use discreet Glade air freshener candles (combining air & fire elements) or substitute LED battery candles - the visual symbolism is obvious & the battery makes electricity which is the Fire element; decorative candle gardens can be spells in plain sight - place anointed and intent-charged sigil notes underneath
. Replace incense smoke with a DIY aerosol mist - mix water & 1/2 tsp 🍋lemon juice in a 2oz spray bottle
. Restaurant packets of salt 🧂, pepper, sugar are convenient
. Repurpose any pointer to direct energy -🍴utensils ✂️, laser-pointer, letter-opener, etc.; a 🥣 bowl can hold trinkets when not in magical use, & 🥛☕️ cups shape energy & hold tea & potions 
. Notebook 📒, pens🖌, crayons🖍, scissors ✂️ for drawing spell sigils
. Paper envelopes 💌 to make spell packets; can be drawn on & are biodegradable
. Yarn 🧶, twine or boot laces for knot ➿ spells & tying packets & anything else
. Coffee & 🌿 tea ingredients have magical uses & are ordinary items

Ritual Gestures 

The Moon's power is there even when it's cloudy or day-time so ritual can be done day or night. Silent ritual can be done without tools or candles & can be expressed through gestures.

Ground & center by tracing an X on your forehead, heart & belly. Use 🙈🙉🙊 see-hear-speak no evil hand gestures to purify personal space. Circle casting is a matter of pulling power to your belly to load-aim-&-shoot 👉🏼 to project a circular sanctuary. Greet the 4-ways with an inviting hand wave 👋 or dismissing wave when saying farewell. Greet the Lady with the fig ✊🏽 hand sign & Lord with the horns🤘🏼hand sign; press hand-to-heart & bow from the waist to show respect. Then do what you came for. An offering 🍞 for Nature can be made outside before or after the ritual. Thank and farewell the Deities with a bow. Farewell the quarters in reverse order with a dismissing wave. Close with a banishing sign ↗️⭐️ (1st stroke is away from you) & lastly,👇🏽ground the circle's residual energy as a gift back into the Earth, & you're done.

Discreet Spells

. Sigils - write the intent in a few words, delete vowels (a,e,i,o,u) & duplicate consonants; draw a hieroglyph by rearranging the remaining letters; draw a circle around it;✂️ cut it out. This is your sigil. Anoint & magnetize it. Shred the sigil at a liminal hour (dawn, noon, dusk, midnight) to release the power.
. You can substitute a battery-LED 🕯in your candle spells. Instead of dressing the candle with oil, you anoint & charge a sigil paper & place it under an LED candle; set the timer & when it times out the spell is done; you can reuse the LED candle again and again.
. Mandala designing - mandala coloring books & template kits are sold as toys. Focus on a goal while coloring. Burning or shredding the finished design at a liminal hour releases the power.
. Knots - the popular Nine Knot incantation (By knot 1 the spell’s begun, etc.) is spoken while tying knots in twine. Undoing the knots at a liminal hour releases the power to do it’s job.
. Herbs - add to spell packets, add to food, brew like a tea & use for aerosols, as a hand-wash or for anointing.
. Commercial tea - the ingredients of Bigelow's Constant Comment banish negativity, Twining's Sleepy Time tea aids trance work.

. Spell crafting https://witches.community/page/view-discussion?id=17

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    • Wow  this is incredible  I never would've thought of this.  I'm saving this for later reading when not disturbed. You are awesome 

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      • thank you so much! 
        As my family isn't very fond of my craft, this is going to make it so much easier! 

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        • Norwiich once again and excellent post and advice from you. 

           I would add that if people even find some of this too risky --- they can use the good old 'hide in plain sight' technique.  Tell people you are interested in ancient history, art, archaeology, religions, and nature.  Then people usually accept your 'weird' interests -- and over look anything associated with those topics.  

            Blessed be to All


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