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#Beginners FAQ - #Starting

Beginners FAQ -

Basic Study Topics 
. The Charge of the Goddess text by Doreen Valiente
. Elements of matter - earth, water, air, fire, etheric
. Pagan holidays are nature’s cycles
. The Rede of the Wicce text by Gwen Thompson
. Gobekli Tepe - oldest known ritual site, & modern WC history

Free PDF Books

. Cunningham’s Solitary Wicca https://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/religion.occult.new_age/Magick/Wicca,%20a%20Guide%20for%20the%20Solitary%20Practitioner.pdf

. Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft https://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/religion.occult.new_age/Magick/Complete%20Book%20Of%20Witchcraft.pdf

. Nigel Pearson’s Treading the Mill  https://witches.chat/books/Pearson,%20Nigel%20G.%20-%20Treading%20the%20Mill~Practical%20Craft%20Working%20in%20Modern%20Traditional%20Witchcraft.pdf

Supplies that let you get going 
Air ☁️: incense 🥢(or aerosol mist); scent sets mood
Fire 🔥: 🕯candles+holders, fire-bowl🪔, matches; ⚱️oil holds a psychic charge
Water 💦: 🍷potion cup or bowls 🥣 condense liquid energy
Earth 🪨: 🧂Salt for purifying, 🪴herbs focus energy, 🪨smooth stroking stone

Formal ritual tools are not needed to get started, but if you have ‘em, use ‘em. The 🍷 is the Lady’s🪆symbol that holds and shapes fluid energy, the 🗡 is the Lord’s 🦌 symbol that directs and separates energy. A 🪄 moves energy both ↔️ ways. The🌟 represents the 5 elements, charges spells and protects. A 🧹 dispels stagnant energy, a cauldron multi-tasks. The trad-craft Stang is altar and energy directing staff in one.

🪨Useful stones - all purpose quartz, protective hematite, cleansing selenite - any stone will hold a psychic charge; stone stroking while chanting & body swaying aids trance.

🌿Useful herbs
. Basil - protection in spirit-travel; aids psychism, prosperity, love
. Parsley - cleanses & attracts good vibes
. Sage - use as incense to clear cross-currents & banish spirits
. Rosemary- all purpose, 🫖 aids trance recall
. Thyme - 🫖 aids "Sight"; incense dispels harm & honors dead

⚽️Practice Psi Balls
1st ground yourself - think it to send your energy down the spine to root into the earth; draw power on the breath into the solar plexus to power-up; push energy from the belly & thru your hands; with palms facing 👏🏽 move hands back & forth. You’ll feel a spongy pushback. Shake your hands like shaking off water to clear the energy.

Easy Sacred Space
. Before setting up your gear, meditate in your space & fill the area with good vibes.
. Salt-water cleanse the table, bless it with incense, anoint it with oil to hold a charge & magnetize it 🙌🏽 the 1st time it’s used. Thereafter:
1. Set up gear inside your planned work space. Start & end each pass at north to align with geomagnetic force.
2. ↪️ spritz salt-water (earth/water) & lite🥢incense (air/fire); this introduces the 4 Elements for balanced energy; Draw power on the breath to the belly; Point-&-push 👉🏼 to cast circle ↩️
3. Begin your work with an invoking pentagram ↙️⭐️ sign
4. Do what you came for
5. End the session with a banishing pentagram ↗️⭐️ sign

Simple Daily Practices 
. read 30 minutes and journal 📔 10 minutes on the content
. light a gratitude candle🕯, occasionally reflect on the gifts you’ve received
. hold conversations with your higher-self, Guardian spirit, Lady ‘n Lord
. greet Sol☀️, Selene🌛, Gaia🌎 - & 4-winds NESW “Hail to Boreas, Eurus, Notos, Zephyrus.”
. walk barefoot 👣🐾 in Nature, breathe deeply, feel Mother Earth 🌎 beneath your feet
. practice psi-balls between palms; load-aim-push from the gut👏🏽; move hands back & forth
. deep breathe; gaze at a candle’s 🕯flame to park the mind; meditate 10-30 min
. use your empathic senses to greet the Genius Loci; leave friendship offerings 💦🍞🍓
. grow & dry your own 🪴 herbs if you have the space; aromas can suggest uses
. do spells if there’s a true need and with appropriate timing & planning


Learn to smother a fire before lighting one; learn to banish before attempting summoning; always release what & who you invite; never burn poisonous plants

This list is only the tip of the iceberg. How deep you go is up to you. 


Basic spells: These 4 spells - candle, bottle, cord, stone - use elements of Fire, Water, Air & Earth respectively. They’re adaptable to any need.

. Easy Herbs, Incense & Oils - use 🌸sweet scents for love, 🍋citrusy-purifying, 🌶spicy-protection, 🌲forest-prosperity
. Candle & Stone Colors - 🔴🟠activate conditions, 🟡🟢sustain conditions, 🔵🟣calm conditions

Sample set up
. Gear represents elements - 💦= H2O cup🍸; 🪨=🧂salt,🌿herbs,💎stones; ☁️ =🥢incense;🔥=🕯candle &⚱️oil
. Altar - place the pacifying(-) water & earth symbols on left side and activating(+) air & fire to the right side & like a battery the (-/+) polarity makes energy GO.

(-).  .   .   🕯.   .   .(+)
🌿🍸💎 . . .🕯⚱️🥢

Set intent: pull power on the breath to the belly, focus-on-the-goal, push power from the belly & through the hands into the spell; load-aim-push.

All-purpose Incantation: repeat 3 times "Earth, water, air fire, work Ye now as I desire; X (goal) I now acquire, by earth, water, air, fire."  and know it is done.

Candle 🔥: Use a candle with the desired burn time. White is all-purpose.
. Dress the candle: dab on oil & hold the candle between your palms as you repeat your incantation & push 👏🏽 to set intent. The oil holds a charge to the candle. Stand the candle in it’s holder.
. The spell: Light the candle, air-draw the invoking ↙️⭐️ pentagram, and sit quietly while gazing on the flame for a minute, thinking of the "ah-ha" moment as the goal is fulfilled. Give thanks. Let the candle burn completely (it’s ok to snuff a flame and relight if needed).
. Discard stubs in the trash 🚮
. Battery candles - Anoint & charge a petition 📝 paper (instead of the 🕯) & place it under the 🕯candle; set timer & when it times out the spell is done. Shred or burn the paper to free the power. Reuse the battery candle again & again.
. Petition - write a goal on a 3-inch square of paper. Overwrite the goal with the recipient’s name, overwrite all with your signature. What is over dominates what is under.
. To Cancel Spells - dress a small candle with oil, name it as the spell-to-be-cancelled & stick the candle in its own wax on a saucer. Add a bit of water to cover the bottom of the candle. Lite the wick. When active Fire burns down to  pacifying Water it will be extinguished and neutralize (cancel) the intended spell.

The witches bottle 💦 is a protection spell in which a small bottle or jar is filled with bent pins to deflect harmful intent, rusty nails to protect from psychic interference, a strand of protectee's hair as a tag lock, bits of tin foil confetti as mirrors to scatter ill-wishing, snarles of red thread to confuse lower spirits, equal amounts of salt to protect & pepper to banish harm. Top it off with urine or vinegar. Cap or cork it & seal with wax. Set intention with your incantation. Then bury or hide the bottle near your most used entrance. Retrieving & dismantling the bottle cancels the spell.

The witch's ladder☁️ once upon a time used a cattle tow or lead-rope to tie a chain of knots ➿; today we use twine with twigs of oak, ash or thorn, small trinkets, feathers🪶 or hag-stones tied into the knots, and a loop to hang it by. Tie 5 knots for manifesting a wish, 7 for good fortune, 13 for protection. To activate it, swing the completed chain like a pendulum & lock on a witchy gaze as you repeat your incantation and push from the gut to set intention 👏🏽. Then hang it in a tree to allow weather to dismantle it over time & thus release the long term spell. The tree carries the spell to the cosmos in it's branches, throughout the mundane realm in it's trunk, & into the underworld via the roots. Leave a 💦 🍞 offering for the tree. Dropping the entire strand as-is into flowing water will cancel the spell.

Stone stroking 🪨 is used to induce light trance to effect conditions. Sit & sway side-to-side while stroking a smooth stone & chant for healing: ”Stone to stone, bone to bone, flesh to flesh, vein to vein, (name) is whole again.” You could be seated on a swing or rocking chair, or just swaying your body. When you fade out mentally you can stop. Rinse stones in flowing water to reset the stone before another use. Stone stroking also relieves stress. Don't use the same stone to heal & hex.

How to do Sigils


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