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I have been trying to start a religion for a while -- Not just another Satanism -- I got some good work done and yesterday I got other work done that was for me difficult to get the deity to act as I know Deity can... There have been times when this religion has been a grueling thing and it has been overrun with assaults from other religions also... The Deity is one I am constantly in touch with but I just cant get things done by that one where I see that Deity should or can according to what I believe that the Deity can and wants to do... I wonder if there is anything I can do to get the Deity His/Her attention and action.... I know it sounds pagan as can be but it is what i truly still believe that Deity wants to have from us as humans. One thing I ask is to understand the religion I have is viable and is what I have found to be the truth... Yet I was wondering if there are any here that have tried to erect a religion here themsaelves on this Earth and second what people's thoughts are as Ive undertaken a very hefty undertaking and so -- what are your thoughts as a community?

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    • If you mean religion

      Like a cult of Baphomet?

      Most pagan paths, religious beliefs and magical practices are not Satanism... a person would have to believe in Satan to be a part of Satanism (or an atheist that uses the imagery or label to turn heads). I can only assume, then, you are referring to something that is generally a part of Satanism. I said Baphomet since you said "His/Her" and Baphomet is generally considered a deity dealing with duality... and the Temple of Satan loves to put Baphomet statues in places :D.

      Generally speaking, just coming up with a religion and claiming it as truth and expected others to comply, is a pretty questionable act. However, truth, epistemologically, is a subset of belief. So, you could say that, since you believe it, that it is true to you.  Many people have been taken in by UPG (unverifiable personal gnosis) whenever the emphasis on it was inappropriate. So, that might be something you should be careful about.

      And, Pagan is not a negative term. It basically means the religion of the people or the religion of the lower class. A term given to a religion when the religion, of the people, did not itself have a name (such as the nordic beliefs, celtic beliefs, etc). The reconstruction efforts of those beliefs or the inclusion of them in some fashion in to one's current belief structure, or practice, is what is meant by paganism colloquially. Though, in a non-judgmental way, a reconstructed belief system, is commonly referred to as neo-pagan (new pagan).

      If you mean path

      Maybe i read all of what you wrote wrong, which i always do lol. It would seem, then, that you are trying to construct a path instead of a full religion. The word "religion" has a lot of baggage. If that is the case, then many have, and it is something that is often encouraged. If you are trying to follow a certain deity (and not some sort of new one), research on how that deity has been seen historically. Does the deity expect reciprocation? If so, you might have to give offerings for a while before you can really hope to work with that deity. Does the deity have any animals or plants associated? If so, try to include imagery of such in your practice... etc. etc. etc. lol

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      • There are things that I am aware of that are so dangerous to mankind that if we used them they would probably have such ill for us as a race that we woud never be happy as a planet of individuals again.... Im listening to Clocks by Coldplay and it is about my fathers arrival here on Earth Thoth is my creator and father.... Thoth is a God. I identify with Pink Floyd albums also.....

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        • I use to know a good deal about Thoth back in the day. If I remember right he is seen as the lord of the arcane arts and revealer of hidden knowledge, number of 11, and i think is in a way associated with the moon. 'Light' aka Lise would definitely know more on that than me for sure :)

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          • Im glad there are some that know about him -- I thank you for the comments also....

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          • * ≥ wonder if there is anything I can do to get the Deity His/Her attention and action ≤ *

            Kinda vague as to which Divinity you are referring to here - so the option for advising is limited...

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