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I need help

I would love to join this beautiful religion and community but with my mother being a catholic, she refuses to allow me to join, I cant get anything to help with my progress, no books and i would love to experience it, any advice?

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    • Discern what it is that you want to experience - The art of Spell Craft? The whole tomale of Wicca as a dual-deity, Nature religion? There’s lots of variety in levels of practice &  choices.

      . Use on-line sites to research pagan holidays, the Earth and Moon Goddesses, the Lord of the Forest and Lord of the the Corn

      . Getting started FAQ was mentioned 


       Practice skills - grounding your energy down your spine & into the Earth; centering pulls power on the breath from earth & sky into the belly; moving energy pushes from the belly & out your hands 🙌🏽

      Make a starter kit - candles & incense if allowed, otherwise use LED candles & aerosols; parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme; uniquely marked ⚡️Or shaped 💛🌛stones; use household dishes. Use Intuitive skills  to sense relationships and uses for natural materials; attractive or repellent appearance & aromas suggest similar magical uses.

       Spells -  use incantations to say what you want results to be & not what you don't want;  Know your goal - think it, feel it in the belly, say it & push through your hands to cast spells; use materials that match properties to the intention to reinforce your intention. 

      . Spell Methods - amulet, bottle, candle, cord, grid, petition, potion, sigil, trance by repetitive motion or chant.


      . Ye Olde Broom Closet


      . Christian candle Magic might be one approach


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      • Sacred Hammer is correct. But one can be a witch by staying in the shadows. Meditate as often as possible, and remember focus, intent , and conviction are your most valuable tools, as well as intuition. The best works a witch has ever done were completed by her own hand.

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        • May I suggest that you hide in plain sight -- develop a massive interest in ancient history and world cultures -- add to that geography and anthropology --- and the sciences like archaeology and another physical science -- add to that working harder in school and get the teachers involved in your projects and interest --- Now parents might thing you are 'weird'  but a pile of books and magazine give you not only a well rounded view of the world -- and it provides cover for you to get a few stranger items and text ----

          Oh and work on your parents trying to get them to help you studying these other topics which are not openly pagan --- and toss in ask their help in your math courses 

             You get ahead in your knowledge base for the time when you are able to openly read and look at the things you want 

          Blessed be and Best of Luck


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          • Greetings, I believe everyone who already responded have given you great answer, the only thing I will add is their is a wealth of knowledge on the internet, some of it good, some of it not so much, so you can explore what’s out there. There is a lot of great information (and people) on this site that will provide guidance if asked. If you are worried they monitor your browsing history I would suggest using Google in Incognito mode. I wish you good luck as you take your first steps onto this path. Blessed be.

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