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I made my own moon water last night, I read that the texture ect would be different, I took a great walk out in the moonlight last night at witching hour, it felt very energizing and calming. I left my moon water out until the sun was out ( my mistake) as it says to get it before sunrise. I learned it also does not matter when you retrieve it from outside, I did not feel like it made a difference to me it felt special, my first try and I must say I was SURPRISED.

I took a sip it felt soft, almost thicker and tasted fresher and smelt like a spring. (I used regular tap water) They recommend bottled or such, I feel it should not matter and came from my own home where I live and spend my time, not bought.

I felt calm when i took my sips, it tasted great, smelt fresh and I will be doing it again. I cannot wait until I can do my moon water under the full moon at its strongest.

I will be using it for cleansing, teas, and just general drinking :)

I thought I would share my experience I am overly happy with the results and how I feel.

I also have started my familiar spell with my dog, but as it is a 2 month process I will give my results and feedback in about a month and a halves time, I am very excited and feel great about the journey during this spell with my baby boy!

I hope you all are having an amazing day!

Lots of love,



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    • Merry meet and best of luck with your spell. Blessed be.

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      • Blessed be and nice to meet you :)

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