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(ref. Wikipedia)

According to Paracelsus, the elements of earth, water, air, and fire, were classed as the fundamental building blocks of nature. This system prevailed in the Classical world and was highly influential in medieval natural philosophy. The homunculus is another example of a Paracelsian idea with roots in earlier alchemical, scientific, and folklore traditions.


In his 16th-century alchemical work Liber de Nymphis, sylphis, pygmaeis et salamandris et de caeteris spiritibus, Paracelsus identified mythological beings as belonging to one of the four elements. Part of the Philosophia Magna, this book was first printed in 1566 after Paracelsus' death. He wrote the book to "describe the creatures that are outside the cognizance of the light of nature, how they are to be understood, what marvellous works God has created". He categorizes each by where they live. The following is his archetypal being for each of the four elements:

Gnome, being of earth🪨

Undine, being of water💦

Sylph, being of air💨

Salamander, being of fire🔥

He noted that undines are similar to humans in size, while sylphs are rougher, coarser, longer, and stronger. Gnomes are short, while salamanders are long, narrow, and lean. The elementals are said to be able to move through their own elements as human beings move through air. Gnomes, for example, can move through rocks, walls, and soil. Sylphs are the closest to humans in his conception because they move through air like we do, while in fire they burn, in water they drown, and in earth, they get stuck. Paracelsus states that each one stays healthy in its particular "chaos," as he terms it, but dies in the others.

Paracelsus conceived human beings to be composed of three parts, an elemental body, a sidereal spirit, and an immortal divine soul. Elementals lacked this last part, the immortal soul. However, by marriage with a human being, the elemental and its offspring could gain a soul.

In contemporary times there are those who study and practice rituals to invoke elementals. These include Wiccans, and followers of nature-based religions


ref. Summit

🪨 GNOMES – Tending the Earth

The nature spirits of the physical level are called gnomes.  Gnomes tend the earth through the cycles of the four seasons insuring that all living things have their daily needs. They process the waste and by-products & purge the earth of toxins—including  industrial wastes, pesticides, acid rain & nuclear radiation that abuse the earth. They clean up the psychic imprints of discord and negativity carelessly scattered by humans.

War, murder, human trafficking, torture & abuse, profit seeking at the expense of the environment as well as hatred, anger, discord, gossip—all these create an accumulation of negatively charged energy that becomes a weight on the earth body and on the nature spirits.

💦 UNDINES – Guarding the Gardens of the Seas

The elementals whose domain is the water element are undines. The mer-folk are subtle and swift in their movements and can change form rapidly. The undines control the tides and have much to do with the climate as well as oxygenation and precipitation.  The undines also cleanse waters poisoned by sewage, chemicals, pesticides and other substances. They work ceaselessly to heal the seas & recharge the electromagnetic field of the waters with currents of the Spirit. Their bodies are conductors of cosmic currents resounding through the chambers of submarine life.

The undines cleanse not only the physical waters, but also that aspect of mankind’s life that relates to the water element—our emotional naggage such as anger, emotional abuse, hurtful speech, selfishness, anxiety and over indulgence.

💨 SYLPHS – Aerating Life with the Sacred Breath

The sylphs tend the air element, directing the winds and atmospheric conditions. They purify the atmosphere and aerate every cell of life with the sacred breath of Spirit. They bring the life-sustaining prana that nourishes all living things. On subtle levels, the sylphs transmit the currents of the Spirit from heaven to earth.

The sylphs often have thin, streamer-like bodies that shape shift as they soar through the air. Sylphs are able to travel at great distances very quickly, and giant sylphs can actually span the skies and interpenetrate the earth, the water and the fire elements.

Like giant transformers, sylphs conduct the currents of the mind of God unto the mind of man. They purify the air of pollutants.

The air element corresponds to the mental level of existence, and thus the sylphs also have the job of purifying the mental plane. The mental plane can become polluted by negative thoughts that feed hatred, anger, prejudice, bigotry, resentment, pride, ambition, greed, jealousy and other poisons of the spirit.

🔥 SALAMANDERS – Infusing Matter with the Fires of Creation

The elementals of the fire element and are salamanders. Their job is crucial, for they serve at the atomic level of all organic and inorganic life, infusing the molecules of matter with the spiritual fires of creation that vitalize life. They control the spiritual-material oscillation of light within the nucleus of every atom.

Whether in electricity, plasma, firelight or the flame of a candle, they transfer the fires of the subtle world for mankind’s daily use. Without the spark of life sustained by the salamanders, life and matter begin to decay.  Salamanders Force is the transformation of human’s irresponsible uses of resources. Were it not for the fiery salamanders transmuting society’s frustrations & bigotry, the crime and darkness would be much more advanced than it is today.

The very air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, at the most basic level, are utterly dependent on the selfless service of the nature spirits. The miracle of life is the miracle of the gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders.


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Current Mix of Witch Podcasts That’ll Completely Enchant You - LIVE Entertainment that is still 2021!

So you want to be a Witch. Or just learn about them??
Whether you’re a Baby Witch, a seasoned pro, or just someone who is seeking a little more Magicke in their Life, here are some Magickal podcasts, chosen so that you can celebrate the 'Season of the Witch' ALL year long. As with all Teachings - the Guidance given, shared, and shared again, is not the ULTIMATE... Part of the Spirituality of any Path is finding what works best for YOURSELF! However in the meantime - Listening to what OTHERS have to say can be quite the 'Eye-Opener'...

The Witch Wave by Pam Grossman   >  

Tune in for “Bewitching conversation about Magicke, Creativity, and Culture” - Pam Grossman has been called “the Terry Gross of Witches” for a good reason: Her interviews with guests flow easily, and give a glimpse into the lives of the best creative Magicke makers.

What’s Your Sign?

What's Your Sign? is billed as “a comedy podcast for Astrology lovers AND haters”, and hosts Stevie Anderson, Julia Loken, and Lisa Chanoux who clearly know their Cosmic stuff—plus, they have great chemistry. Their combined humour will have you cracking up when you listen to this show.

The Fat Feminist Witch

This is podcast for, (as host Paige puts it), “Ranting, Raving, and Wand waving”  - One can only love how she looks at Witchcraft and Paganism through a Modern, Feminist perspective.

Between the Worlds

Try and give this show a listen for Tarot, Psychology, Mythology, Pop culture, Witchcraft, Magicke, Art, and History (where would we be without the History?) with host Amanda Yates Garcia, aka the 'Oracle of Los Angeles'. She insight-fully breaks down the Tarot cards, and asks guests for their interpretations, too.

Elder Hour with Nature

Two smart and savvy Witches, Chelsea Selby and Juliet Diaz, dissect the History, Magickal properties, and science behind a NEW Plant every week. Listening will turn you into a Green Witch (that's a Witch who's especially in tune with Nature). Their last Broadcast however was in December 2020 - so here's hoping that they have not fallen to the Wayside... In the meantime, One can certainly breeze through all the previous podcasts, and Pick & Mix what appeals

Lil' Black Witch

Creating a safe space for listeners, hosts Joi and Praxie are here to Educate, Inspire, and lift you up through literal Magicke. Episodes are variable - They are both Black Women in love with the human race, and as such exert as much endless capacity to advocate, and support the Voiceless, whilst fostering an Environment, that inserts a secondary lift up for anyone listening. 

The Queer Witch

The 'Queer Witch', is hosted by Anna Joy, who explores the intersection between Magickal, and LGBTQ+ identities. Every Episode feels welcome, inclusive, and empowering. Was last active in March 2021, but that seems to be the pattern, they are active every couple of months..

Basic Witches

Combining Spirituality and Comedy, 'Basic Witches' is hosted by Comedians Leah Knauer and Rachel Laforest. They interview Comedians, Musicians, Artists, and fellow Witches about the Magicke of Life, Manifestation, and Sexuality. It's perfect for when you need some laughter with your Witchcraft, topped of with a Goddess Oracle Card Reading. 

So You Wanna Be A Witch?

In this podcast for Soul-centered Entrepreneurs, host Sarah M. Chappell gives an inside look at the Business of being a Witch - aimed at the small Business Owners for conversations about Spirituality, Creativity, and defining Success. 

Earth Speak

Host Natalie Ross gives 'Earth Speak' a chill vibe, as she chats with guests about working with Spirits, connecting with Nature, and Self-care. Episodes feature conversations with people, Plants, Nature Spirits, and high-vibration places on Earth. 

AND FINALLY - for the most part, the reason why many of you are here..................

Seeking Witchcraft

Designed for BEGINNER WITCHES, 'Seeking Witchcraft' teaches the Basics of Witchcraft and Wicca in 30-minute Episodes. Think of host Ashley's Lessons as a little morning Witchy snack before you dive into the full Magickal meal.


'Light' aka Lise





Earth priest 

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Magic - Soft Start

Our first steps into Witchcraft can be an enjoyable walk into Nature rather than dashing to a shopping mall. There’s a little magic in everything and you can find ways to work with the odds and ends of the environment you’re in. The type of witch you are is going to be revealed to you as you discover what comes naturally & what you’re most interested in doing. Keep a journal of your findings as you go.

Observe Nature & use your empathic ability to connect to your surroundings & the Genius Loci, the spirit of the place. Relax and breathe - pull energy on the breath to the gut. Feel it. Witches work with the Earth’s telluric (under-ground currents) & orgone (all-around-us) energies - ground and center yourself drawing awareness to the gut on the breath. When you’re done leave food & drink friendship offerings.

Use your artistic and intuitive abilities   when planning your spells to form symbolic associations to use natural materials; the attractive or repellent appearances, textures and aromas suggest similar summoning or banishing magical uses. Spells are means to change conditions. 

Color associations - 🔴🟠 energize conditions,  🟡🟢 sustain conditions & 🔵🟣 calm conditions

Study Topics that are the 🔩nuts-&-bolts of the Craft include holidays - 🎃All-Hollows, 🕯Candlemas, 🌻May Day and 🍞Loafmas & ☀️❄️ Equinoxes as seasonal Earth-cycles; Moon-cycles - 🌓waxing, 🌕full, 🌗waning and 🌚new; the natural Elements of 🪨land, 🌊sea, ☁️sky & 🔥fire; the 🪆Lady & 🦌Lord who are Nature, DIY home altars & tools, 💫Circle rites - as the Earth sphere dances a daily circle - and adding on your own personal interests as you go such as 🎲divination forms, 🌿herbalism, 👻spiritism, etc.

Make a starter kit - 🕯candles & 🥢incense, fragrant kitchen 🪴herbs, 🧂salt & vege-oil; uniquely marked ⚡️or shaped 💛🌛stones; repurpose household ☕️dishes, make a pendulum.

. Tip: make your own incense by rolling a 3x3 inch piece of paper into a cigarette-like tube & filling it with mixed, crushed herbs; stand it on-end in a small dish of salt & light the top. Incense is an offering & sets a mood. 

Write your own incantations to say what you want a Spell’s results to be & not what you don't want;  Know your goal - think of it as already completed & push power from the gut & through your hands into the spell; use materials that match properties to the intention for added energy. 

Spell Methods - amulet, bottle, candle, cord, grid, petition, potion, sigil, trance.

Basic intentions - cleansing, health, knowledge, love, prosperity, protection

Safety - ground your energy often, know how to smother a fire before lighting one, learn to banish before attempting to summon, always thank & farewell those you invite, never burn poisonous plants.


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Hi there everyone and Blessed be to All ----- Now it has been a few decades since I was new to the Craft -- but remember the excitement of attending my first ritual --OMG this is really happening!  There are others like me!!

 I am sure we all have stories on how we found The Craft and what we have done to make ourselves better at what we do - I would love to hear your stories and more importantly where you want to go from here!



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Does anyone else have a hard time collecting flowers ? Although I know it is necessary and I need to use them, I feel guilty about removing them from nature. 

Have read and therefore completed the task


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Hello Everyone 😊 my name is Skye and I would love to find a coven that I may learn and gain new friendships from. Anyone in Malvern or near by (UK) that could help me out? Thank you. 🦋

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"New to the Craft"

Hi all you NEW Amazing Folks ! again Welcome, thank you each for taking the Time to join and even more engage..
AND YES!! - there are so MANY Questions into where to start - how to start and so forth....and of course as each of you can see - you are really NOT ALONE in this Adventure..

I am gonna deposit a PDF (38 pages) here that MAY ?? help some of you..
As I will often instruct Neophytes in Workshop Sessions - Books are NOT the "Bible" to the Spirit within - they are GUIDES - !
Some can be confusing - many contradict - so move with YOUR will never fail you!

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I am new here and have always felt the pull towards learning I am absolutley lost and could use advice on where to go and guidance, the important things to know and learn, and any other advice and tips would be welcomed for my new journey!

Feel free to add me as a friend also, I am very friendly and talkative.

Lots of love,

Kayla ☾