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New to the Craft Group Members - Help us to HELP YOU!!
What is it you are looking to 'Learn' that we can put together as a Course here?
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'Light' aka Lise

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In a short brief - share YOUR understanding of the following.
Try NOT to use Terms that you may have heard; read; seen or discussed in the Past - but go with a flow of THOUGHT that is responding as you read the Questions...:>

** What is a Witch really like?

** Witches are considered "Selfish", but is that Malevolent?  
Explain in brief your reasoning.

** If Witchcraft is a 'Mental Power', why do Witches usually use props?
Work on your OWN experiences - in brief explain what prompted the Use of..

** What does ringing the Bell in mean? 

** How do you keep your thinking Benevolent (Positive)? 

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Focused meditation takes practice. Concentration is like a muscle. One thing that many people notice is that it's extremely difficult to keep the mind in a static position. It's far easier if the subject of attention is dynamic. That said, it's not impossible. It just takes practice. The blacking out thing you experience is actually a desirable effect in it's own right in my opinion. However if you want to move past that and learn to remain focused on a single thing, I'd suggest to start off simple, like focusing on a dot on the wall, or a candle flame. Once you can do that well enough, then try a visualization, a sound, or something else like that. Once you have that down, then try an idea or intention. Don't get discouraged if you don't get instant gratification. Like I said, it's like a muscle. When you use it regularly it gets stronger. Disuse has the opposite effect. So keep at it.

I've never heard the term "ringing the bell in" either, but bells are used by some witches in a ritual context for various purposes including to signal the beginning or end of a stage in the rite. The sound of a clear bell ringing is also an effective way of dispelling discordant energies.

Morris and other folk dance traditions across Europe (which are frequently associated with witchcraft) often have bells as a component of the costume. The context varies, but in Morris dancing specifically it's generally considered to be pleasing to the fair folk and a gentle/joyful way to wake them up and welcome them back.

Another reference that's sometimes relevant to witchcraft is the Catholic excommunication ritual for apostates, heretics, etc.,_book,_and_candle

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'Light' aka Lise

What is a witch really like?
In my experience, witches are just people with active psychic processes.

Witches  are considered selfish - is that malevolent?
This is a strange Q. Ive never known witches to be any more or less self-preserving than anyone else. I consider it malevolent to use fairytales to label any group of people. Is the practice of witchcraft itself for self-preservation a malevolent act - if the Crafter gets a kick out of harming or maiming, then yeh. That’s beyond self-protective acts.

Why do witches use props? Props are useful to help focus the subconscious mind thru conscious channels.
What are your props? I use an “altar“ to display symbols of what I’m concentrating on, and candles; love them candles.

What does “ringing the bell in“ mean?
I have no idea 🤷🏽‍♂️… I’d never heard the phrase before & the googled definition had something to do with golf. I thought of the strong-man at the fair using a sledge hammer to make a weight rise up & ring a gong.

How do you stay positive? Practice an attitude of gratitude; focus on what I have and not on what I don’t.