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Blessed be to All

     It is great to see the increasing interest in the Craft.  I was trained and initiated as a Gardnerian and later elevated to a 3rd degree High Priest in June of 1973.   I have had the pleasure of working with not only excellent people from BTW (British traditional Wicca ) groups but also other initiatory traditions. In addition I count among my friends and fellow witches a lot of knowledgeable traditional witchcraft and solitaries. I am always available for questions and sharing reading materials.  Please feel free to ask.

    If for some reason asking a question in public is hard for you --- you can either direct message me or send your question via email to

   Blessed be to All


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Happy Birthday Norwich --- Enjoy your solar return -- and the whole next solar cycle !


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Welcome -- When you are ready -- we can talk -- anytime

And start by doing one serious thing to deal with the Craft  and practice that every day without fail -- it will keep you connected with your Craft roots --- and then you can start adding to that as you feel ready

As with a lot of these things Cheryl   the answer lies within you -- However from what you are saying -- your setting of your intentions daily and your thanking the forest for being there when you walk through it tells me you are well past being just a new person  -- You have progressed along the Path --- Welcome to the Family !

Now I do have a curse I have used very effectively for decades  -- it is very simple =- and if the person is undeserving no harm done in fact they may benefit (I leave it up to the Gods to chose what is to be done)  the Curse is "I Wish You UPON Yourself"   Thats it -- Thats all there is to it --Enjoy!

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Blessed be Longdog  Hag stones have a long history of use within the traditionalist Craft -- If you are interested you might want to look at the works of Nigel Pennick --- Glad to chat with you on this at anytime

Well their is an excellent history on the Tarot and where it came from and how it developed -with illustrations.  The book Mystical Origins of the Tarot was written by a very solid author Paul Huson.  Now a few of you may recognize the name since he is the author of Mastering Witchcraft and Mastering Herbalism. Now Paul Huson has been around for years  and while quite different in some respect from British Traditional Wicca -- he works are well worth reading --- Hope we can all chat about this at some point !

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Hi MarcusAgrippa1, thanks for leaving a comment on my feed. I am slowly transiting out of an 'extended nightmare' in life. I know that sounds a bit mysterious, but there's been something going on in my life in the past few years that I'm not proud of; a "demon" that was quite literally devouring me, leading me astray as it were. I've gotten this demon chained up for now, and God-Goddess willing, it will stay chained up forever and eventually die. So at this point, I have 'gotten back to basics', sort of starting over using lessons I learned in the beginning of my training. I'm having a very hard time with meditating, if you can believe that. Anyway, I don't want to take up a whole bunch of space on your feed, I mainly wanted to thank you for stopping by MY feed. Blessed Be, Brother.

Thank you  Light -- yes Project Hindsight  is just a very important source of information     their work on Hellenistic astrology has been nothing short of amazing!

Thank you Light  that will be most helpful 

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Hey folks -- I am looking for a .pdf of translation of Bonatti's Liber astonomiae  It is a classical text on astrology and arabic parts == Thanks!


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Hey folks -- I am looking for a .pdf of translation of Bonatti's Liber astonomiae  It is a classical…
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