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Blessed be to All

     It is great to see the increasing interest in the Craft.  I was trained and initiated as a Gardnerian and later elevated to a 3rd degree High Priest in June of 1973.   I have had the pleasure of working with not only excellent people from BTW (British traditional Wicca ) groups but also other initiatory traditions. In addition I count among my friends and fellow witches a lot of knowledgeable traditional witchcraft and solitaries. I am always available for questions and sharing reading materials.  Please feel free to ask.

    If for some reason asking a question in public is hard for you --- you can either direct message me or send your question via email to

   Blessed be to All



Thank you "Light"  your directions were perfect ---- Now maybe I can learn to be at least semi-modern --- Thank you very much!!!


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Blessed be and Welcome -- I would be very interested in discussing your teaching experience -- do you mean teaching 'occult' topics  or are you referring to like public education ---- 

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Okay - gonna try and help you get rid of the BIG M !!! So that you can put a photo of choice in?

Go to your Profile - Members Page - see image 1 below - see the tab : Edit Profile??

Click - will bring you to the Profile Edit Page - image 2.

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Sacred Hamster  come on over - I have the full 13 volume set --- along with some of Frazier's works.  I am still slowly working my way through the full set - there is a lot of ideas and speculation in The Golden Bough --- it was a breakout work for its time - and when we see it and accept it in that light the importance of that makes it one of the top works of all times!


Once again we see our academic communities being surprised by the level of cultural and technological abilities of our ancestors -- and this applies to all cultures -- When will they realize that a formal degree granted by our civilization does not mean that earlier people had abilities and skills as well?


Oh wish my herb and spice cabinet could look that neat!!! 

Thank you "Light"   that looks very interesting and useful --- I downloaded that one  BB

Blessed be to All -- Another excellent book on that Tarot (close to being a must read) is Mystical Origins of the Tarot  by Paul Huson 


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Blessed be Belladoona -- and welcome   would love to chat with you soon

Summit New Jersey -- about 15 miles west of New York City  or in Jersey speak - Exit 8 off rt 24


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