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**There is an Art to Silence – it’s called Solitude**

Hi again Malatesa - Third Time - It seems that Spirit always sends me through that Veil, as Re-Birth begins anew....

......So here I am again - re-settling into the current format….seeing a few Old faces…learning of the many New..
Would love to be a productive Guide/Mentor/Teacher, etc to any that is looking for answers; help or just a listening ear.

I work within the Occult World of Treasures as a deep Researcher - spending many years unraveling some of the Secrets; discovering hidden gems and so forth…
Not a lover of Books…....more of a passion for the Archaeological side that tends to be unknown, and forgotten in the role of Magicke etc…

Born in London, UK - Live both in Lincolnshire UK and New York, US - Travel too and fro between the two..

Have Trained, and have spent 2/3rd of my Life as a Egyptian Mystic & Healer - I am known as a Maa-Kheru/Ma'Kheru - 'True of Voice' - "Truth Speaker"..

Spent over 1/2 of my Life as a Teacher of the Traditional Arts, with a deep passion for the Crafting of Mystical Tools, Lotions and Potions. 

My home in New York has a variety of Spiritual zones….on which is sited a 30 ft wide Stone-Circle with a center Fire pit; Herbal section; Copper Pyramid; May-Pole; Spiral; Faerae Garden/s; various Magickal Fauna and Trees that support the Boundaries, and activate Magickal Energies etc. etc

Inside the 'Temple' - Home are Thirteen Rooms.......each dedicated to a Spiritual Ambiance - the main rooms each have their own Altar...

Have a deep passion for Crystals - which is complimented with a vast collection; that I use in many of my workings..

>As with all things Spiritual there is 'No Right or Wrong Way' there is JUST a Way….the choice made is a big part of our Liberty , Will and Intent…<

Reposted 'Light' aka Lise's post.

Papers Falling from the Attic Windows...

Dan Harms is my most closest and long Term Associate, and up till the Covid's interference - we would have a Weekly 'gathering' where the discussions of many Topics took place...good eating, and much banter.
Yesterday my May Day Events was re-charged with Dan's first visit back to that Formula...and a LOT of one-to-one catching up!!

(He also gifted me many Faerae items - seems to think I am the "Lost Home" for Spiritual Things - and I am...!)

                            Magic - Fantasy & Abstract Background Wallpapers on Desktop Nexus (Image  1504609)       

So I wanted to share His page - he is a Occult Writer, amongst many things..... Dan's Books for Sale ....his connections are wide spread - he is well respected, and liked amongst the many Communities, a reviewer of equally as many published Books and Articles - so take some time to browse his site - look for some of the Books he has 'entertained', and experienced.
We have worked together in a variety of ways - he supporting just as many endevours that I have been involved in, both Magickally; Spiritually; and just as a confidant.....and wherever I can - I too supported his....as I would do for anyone that shares the depth and passion of the Occult etc...

Over the next few weeks he is offloading many of those 'Research/Review' Books (NOT my passion) - and as they are sorted - and determined, some will hopefully become part of the incentive (game-plan) of Malatesa's "New" Witches Community (all is too still be thrashed out though)...


Added a post 
The other day I was up at Associate's place - dropping of bits - picking up bits etc...

There sitting in a box - on a chair, was a rather sad, and broken "Gourd Pot" with faces on - well with some faces...one was completely broken of, there were chips all over the pot, pieces missing - other faces with damaged.....just a MESS!

So I inquired - "What's happening with this" - obvious response: "It needs repairing"!! - 
Me: "Would you like me to try and repair it" - too which Associate gleefully said "Take it"...

So for the last few days - that is exactly what I did - slowly repaired the Pot...
Cleaned it up - and then in its final stage - mixed an old fashioned Oil and Bee's Wax polish - gently layered the pot first with an oil to clean of the years of grime....and then rubbed on the Ceramic 'polish' -  burnishing it with leather to give it the high glow finish...


So the Pot itself is known as a Anthropomorphic Terracotta Perpetual Six Faces Pot. Era is about the 1900's - they reached a popularity in the 1940's - made into all sorts of products, including as a base to Lamps...


The idea of the Faces is so as too symbolize that the movement of the Solar Cycle, (the Regeneration) continues perpetually - as the entire Mystery of Birth, Death and Rebirth, the Cycle of Regeneration, as it is manifested in the Natural World. 
Life could be counted on not to end; as it was always in the process of transformation - and every stage of that process, including a symbolic, if not real, return to the "pre-cosmogonic" Chaos, is seen through Night, and the dry season, and even Death, as an essential aspect of the Mystery.


'Light' aka Lise

When you do that research - go as far back as the records will allow - to the point when the land was actually claimed.. 

Look at it not as a "House" but as a bug on a Nature's Territory... Prior to the House existing - other Spiritual factors will have come into play - and that is the real picture that you need to understand...
The lay of the land - what rivers/streams etc crossed near by - the directions and where they are placed.....these will all pull in 'extra' Spiritual attachments...that existed long before your family came into the picture...

The main POWER in the Name is in fact instilled in the First Father's Surname/Last Name ... that Direct line of Energy the flows from Patriarchal - Father <> Sun...virtually unbroken...

The Matriarchal end of the deal is Zigzagged - with regards to the Mother <> Daughter flow... It will however eventually rejoin - re break - on many occasions - but in the end resonates just as strong as it did in the original existance...

Places are places, and rarely hold any significance - other than somewhere where the Family once was...

Why - because often the places applies in terms of many arriving into and leaving from,  as before major settlements ever occured - many would be a Tribal Nomadic existance...

You are most Welcome - in the end we got there with a bit of Community Team effort ...

SacredHamster added in some of the missing bits!!  - delighted that you are One with yourself again!

Added a comment to  

His - is a She - Me!

They are Coffee Filters - about the size of a Tea plate....


So filtered the Rose Water - and as you can see from the above filters the colours are quite extraordinary...
These - now dried - will make good Talismans and/or Sigil Art incorporating the values of the Rose and the Cosmic flow of this Solstice as well as the balancing Act of the Mid-Summer..


All bottled......the green bottle is about 1/2full so will be the first to be used with anything... Although hard to tell - the actual colour is much along the lines of the above Roses themselves!

The Beads, as they dry are going darker  - and obviously shrinking - so hopefully tomorrow will see the start of what can be created from them... There are currently 240 plus to be had...

Azeztulite - represents the Inner Journey, and is part of a group of several Stones that activates the entire Mortal Energy Field, which in turn initiates the infusion of Spiritual Light into the body.
It is connected to the Elements of Storms and Winds - as well as to the
infinite space of the 'Wuji' (Infinite Space), and as such contains the combined Powers of the Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth Elements!
Azeztulite is extremely Pure in vibration and is One of the Highest and most refined energetic powers of the mineral realm - is a clear or opaque Quartz with striations (although this particular One is actually a combined both, and has a load more attributes).

 It never requires cleaning. and is always energized.

Its placement is at the Dragon's Mouth - as a representation of the Wind-Air - in-between is a small bone Skull, that represents both the Spirit and Mortal - Death and Re-Birth...
From the Dragon's Mouth is whispered the Secrets to the Mind........and from the Spirit it Breathes the thoughts on through the Azeztulite.

Hahaha - you are Nuts !!
Yes those are just the few that came to mind....
The discarded Rose stamens and leaves from the de-heading, will be used in the Fire Circle to evoke a expanded Cosmic Love etc..
There will also be a small paste from the Rose Water, when it is filtered - that too gets dried - holds a massive amount of Magicke - coupled with the 'Mid-Summer' Energies etc..
Nothing is ever wasted....

"That well by reason men call it May,
The Deisie or els the Eye of the Day,
The Empresse and the floure of flowres all".

Flower; Balsam - 'Bruisewort'

Under the Dominion of the Moon - The whole plant is especially subject to the Moon. Daisies are a guide to Weather Fronts - they will shut when bad weather is coming!

Venus - Taurus -

Purity, Innocence and Loyal Love. Aphrodite, Northern Divinity of Love and Spring, measure of Love, and Good Luck Charm.

Make a paste of the leaves for Bruises, and swellings..

Daisy Flower Tea is good for Heart conditions, added with Hawthorn young Leaves - and a touch of Honey...

Dry the Roots and Make a 'Dream Powder" or weave the Roots with Mugwort - for bringing Dreams of the Beloved and Absent Ones.  NOTE: - The Formula does NOT determine between Life/Death....if you cannot handle the Spirits of the Past - do not go there!

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