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**There is an Art to Silence – it’s called Solitude**

Hi again Malatesa - Third Time - It seems that Spirit always sends me through that Veil, as Re-Birth begins anew....

......So here I am again - re-settling into the current format….seeing a few Old faces…learning of the many New..
Would love to be a productive Guide/Mentor/Teacher, etc to any that is looking for answers; help or just a listening ear.

I work within the Occult World of Treasures as a deep Researcher - spending many years unraveling some of the Secrets; discovering hidden gems and so forth…
Not a lover of Books…....more of a passion for the Archaeological side that tends to be unknown, and forgotten in the role of Magicke etc…

Born in London, UK - Live both in Lincolnshire UK and New York, US - Travel too and fro between the two..

Have Trained, and have spent 2/3rd of my Life as a Egyptian Mystic & Healer - I am known as a Maa-Kheru/Ma'Kheru - 'True of Voice' - "Truth Speaker"..

Spent over 1/2 of my Life as a Teacher of the Traditional Arts, with a deep passion for the Crafting of Mystical Tools, Lotions and Potions. 

My home in New York has a variety of Spiritual zones….on which is sited a 30 ft wide Stone-Circle with a center Fire pit; Herbal section; Copper Pyramid; May-Pole; Spiral; Faerae Garden/s; various Magickal Fauna and Trees that support the Boundaries, and activate Magickal Energies etc. etc

Inside the 'Temple' - Home are Thirteen Rooms.......each dedicated to a Spiritual Ambiance - the main rooms each have their own Altar...

Have a deep passion for Crystals - which is complimented with a vast collection; that I use in many of my workings..

>As with all things Spiritual there is 'No Right or Wrong Way' there is JUST a Way….the choice made is a big part of our Liberty , Will and Intent…<

Reposted 'Light' aka Lise's post.

Papers Falling from the Attic Windows...

Dan Harms is my most closest and long Term Associate, and up till the Covid's interference - we would have a Weekly 'gathering' where the discussions of many Topics took place...good eating, and much banter.
Yesterday my May Day Events was re-charged with Dan's first visit back to that Formula...and a LOT of one-to-one catching up!!

(He also gifted me many Faerae items - seems to think I am the "Lost Home" for Spiritual Things - and I am...!)

                            Magic - Fantasy & Abstract Background Wallpapers on Desktop Nexus (Image  1504609)       

So I wanted to share His page - he is a Occult Writer, amongst many things..... Dan's Books for Sale ....his connections are wide spread - he is well respected, and liked amongst the many Communities, a reviewer of equally as many published Books and Articles - so take some time to browse his site - look for some of the Books he has 'entertained', and experienced.
We have worked together in a variety of ways - he supporting just as many endevours that I have been involved in, both Magickally; Spiritually; and just as a confidant.....and wherever I can - I too supported his....as I would do for anyone that shares the depth and passion of the Occult etc...

Over the next few weeks he is offloading many of those 'Research/Review' Books (NOT my passion) - and as they are sorted - and determined, some will hopefully become part of the incentive (game-plan) of Malatesa's "New" Witches Community (all is too still be thrashed out though)...


Malatesa has yet to figure out what to use the 'Charms/Coins" for..
Virtual Goods or Tactile Goods???
The Mystery is forever a Temptress!

Communicate with Malatesa to sort that out - He can either delete it for you, and I am sure transfer Charms etc - or cancel the latest - whatever you feel works best..

Added a comment to sleep 

"Nitemares" are often in place when the Energies desire One to understand a Message.
They push the velocity within the Vision, so as to have it NOT forgotten...

Maybe take down as much info of what is being experienced - and then have that content unraveled.

The other side to having 'Nitemares' is that One could be pursuing to many "Imaginative" venues - such as Role Playing Games; or TV Episodes that generate images of that Nature.  Going to bed with such activity playing on the Mind - develops a 'False Nitemare'...

The Participant/Sleeper - YOU - becomes entangled in the Visions, reliving scenarios that are just excessive Post Energy, from the activities of the Day/Night... 

Quite the powerful piece!!
Harsh reality - and I can appreciate the thinking - especially in the reality that overall - there are many that wend their way into a 'Community' based on this factor..

"......merely saw using language that would be approved of as a way to gain support for whatever his own agenda was at the time.

As for his spiritual or religious beliefs, Kathryn said he mirrored whatever beliefs he felt would be the most well-received."

Have seen that all too many times - till it becomes a concern to watch out for...

Added a discussion 

Just sorted through a mass of Books - some which will be placed in the Books for Sale tab - These SOLD generate Support for the Witches Community - as all funds received, less PayPal Fees are donated back!
We are even open to reasonable Offers for those listed, so IF you see one that interests you - make a reasonable offer...

Ok - on to the FREE BOOKS - as listed below - YOU JUST PAY MEDIA RATE POSTAGE - via PayPal Invoice:>
To save on space - and not overwhelm phones etc with images, the IMAGE is in the Green Link (STOCK IMAGES) - I am gonna just list the details related. You can certainly expand that info through a Google search...

I WILL be adding to this LIST - so Please check back...

** The Insider's Guide to Buying a New or Used Car - Burke Leon & Stephanie Leon ISBN: 1 58670 566 X - 3rd Edition - Image - Soft Cover 

** Paradise - A History of the Idea that Rules the World - Rushby, Kevin ISBN 13: 9780786719105 - Image - Soft Cover 

** The Inquisitor by Catherine Jinks Image - ISBN-10: ‎0312308159 - Minotaur Books; First Edition First Printing (October 9, 2002) - Hardback

** Pocket Word Finder Thesaurus by Inc. Staff Microlytics (1990, Mass Market) - Image - Soft Cover

** The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime by Miles Harvey - Image - Soft Cover 

** Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism - Image - Soft Cover 

** The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson, David Westwood (Illustrator), John Naisbitt (Foreword by) - Image - Soft Cover 

** The Culture Cult: Designer Tribalism And Other Essays by Roger Sandall - 1st Edition - Image - Soft Cover 

** Archaeology. (Instructor's Edition).- David Hurst Thomas - Published by Holt, Reinhart and Winston, Inc., 1989  2nd Edition - Image - Hardback 

** Paleoanthropology by Milford H. Wolpoff (1998-06-01) – First Edition, 1980 - Hardback - Image

** The Book of the Damned (ACE K-156) - Fort, Charles - Published by Ace Books, 1941 - Image - Soft Cover

** Lost Continents; the Atlantis Theme by De Camp, L. Sprague (Lyon Sprague), First Edition - Feb 1975 - Image - Soft Cover

25 September ADD ON:
** The Brotherhood: The Secret World Of The Freemasons by Stephen Knight - New York: Dorset Press, 1986. Reprint - Image - Hardback

**  “Used and Rare” - Travels in the Book World - Authors: Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone - 1997 St Martins Press - Image - Soft Cover 

** Young Goodman Brown and Other Short Stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne - 2nd Edition 1992 - Image - Soft Cover

** Fads & Fallacies in The Name Of Science by Martin Gardner - 1957 Vintage Paperback - Image - Soft Cover

** Primitive Classification by Emile Durkheim, Rodney Needhan, Marcel Mauss - University of Chicago Press (Sep. 15th, 1967) - Image - Soft Cover

** Green Tea and Other Ghost Stories by J. Sheridan LEFANU  – January 1, 1993 - Image - Soft Cover

** Guns and Rain: Guerillas and Spirit Mediums in Zimbabwe by David Lan - November 14, 1985 - Image - Soft Cover

** Cult Killers by Rose G. Mandelsberg - Printing July 1991 - Image - Soft Cover

** The Rule of Four By Ian Caldwell , By Dustin Thomason - 28 Jun 2005 - Image - Soft Cover

** The Structure of Evil: An Essay on the Unification of the Science of Man by Becker, Ernest - Published by The Free Press -1976 - Image - Soft Cover

The last Equinox Moon Energies evoked a "Dream/Vision Fire", that increased Oracles - Messages - Divination - which may be one reasoning for the above experience being amplified.
However as your experience seems to be a few weeks in the making - maybe a more precise Date/Time would be helpful... That can narrow down what was happening, to fuel the Energy in question.

The Charactor mentioned is a well recognised One - goes by many Names - has many Purposes......
His action is however more telling - the Shooting into the Stomach is more in line with the Solar Plexus - some Traditions call it the 'Spirit Cavern' - it is where much of your Spiritual Energy expands from when in a heightened state.

Equally so - this area can also become a shriveled hard dark 'Dead' area when Spirit is so confined, that its Energy is 'sealed'.. (for a better word).
This is also just above the Navel - where One's 'Silver Cord' is connected...for good reason...the two flow with equal passion and strength.

My feelings are that the 'Messenger' aimed there because you are hanging onto some deep hurts - and old battles. The more residue of 'Darkness' that we contain within - the more chances that it festers like a Virus - to which our Spirit in Shroud (Body) tries to free itself from.

Like any "Infection" we experience a Fever.... the Visions, unite with Guides to expand that desire to be "rid" off...etc

The 'Messenger' handed you a knife - as a means to say - "CUT yourself FREE" - Remove the Cords of Attachment... they serve no purpose... and hinder you from Experiencing....

'Light' aka Lise

If you have that Earring still - take it too a fast moving River and toss it into the flow...
That will stop any attached Energies...
A Good day would be today.....

Added a comment to Mark 

Mark - noticed that you have created THREE Member Profiles....are you experiencing some issues??
Which ONE is the ACTIVE version??
Do you need Malatesa to delete TWO of them??
If so let him know....

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