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A glimpse....

I don't like labeling or boxing myself. So much means different things to different people...figure why bother. I'm me.

I don't believe anyone on this plane has all the answers. Discernment and an open mind is key. A little humble pie doesn't hurt as well.

I believe in free will, I also co-create with spirit and the Divine.

I believe there is truth to be found along all paths.

I compete with no one, other than myself - striving to be better tomorrow than I am today.

I'm a mystic, manifestor, healer, seeker, freethinker and believer in all things magical.....and so much more!

Ever expanding, ever evolving.

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You're welcome ....here's wishing you all the best at catching some restful 💤 very soon. (😴)

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Interesting. Never saw these before. Thx for sharing. 

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Flower Essence - Mugwort and White Chestnut... both helpful for me when having sleep issues.

❤! A few words that come to mind...beautiful, unique, impressive, artistry.

So based on your experience with your family member, am I then right to assume you found to be an accurate form of reading?... given of course one is well studied.

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I recently happened upon one of my old palmistry books. Although I only ever scratched the surface of this practice, I do find intriguing.
Love to know other's thoughts and experiences with palm reading.

To those with experience, do you find this form of reading to be accurate? I've always found opinions varied to this question...such is the case with anything I suppose.

Thx for the feedback! :) 

Yep, that's me as well.. recall dreaming about it prior. Pretty sure clicked - not dreamed. 

Glad things worked out for you. 

Sometimes what we perceive as negative may actually be positive - clouded by our personal lenses. All's a matter of perspective. And... sometimes an unchangeable negative becomes a positive, because of growth, lessons, new direction it gave way. Then sometimes perhaps it really is just 💩🤷🏼‍♀️ 🙃

I continue to go with the flow. The bigger picture is far more vast than I'll ever know. No worries here. After all, doesn't do a damn bit of good anyway. ;) ❤

In the beginning of this thread we discussed the tower card and meaning - when presents itself to me in a reading. I also mentioned how the tower been showing up repeatedly over the past couple months. 

Well, since commented and over the past week...a skin cancer spot was found on my leg (no worries, carcinoma, being cut out and treated), mammogram revealed a nodule (no worries, confident next week's test reveal benign), referred to hematologist regarding rare blood disorder, and have been diagnosed with Lupus disease. Ha! The Tower ♡ (TMI? eh) 

Yep, that's how the tower shows up for me. However, each time the cards that followed were extremely positive. The Tower - can rock your world! BUT now I can take the proper steps towards healing, prevent from worsening, and manage my illness. 

Perhaps, the tower didn't keep showing up as to necessarily warn me of the upheaval ahead, but rather bring comfort/assurance that everything will be just fine when it did. Hence, the cards that followed. 🙂

Not exactly sure what you mean by - haven't really felt them. However, perhaps putting the book away and going by your own (intuition) feelings and thoughts will help. Overtime, I almost guarantee you will start to see the messages meant for you. When I purchased my first deck over 25 years ago, it was over a decade later before I started "studying and really learning" The Tarot. Prior to that my readings were always just as clear and accurate.

As for something scary... imo, that was likely coming from an outside source/experience, rather than the cards themselves. Ex: I grew up in a Pentecostal home. When my mother learned I was using cards she warned me how they were evil and I was opening myself up to demonic forces. And so the first time I sat in my living room pulling cards, sensing the strong energy surrounding me... Freaked me out! Obviously, I've since overcome that conditioning belief. lol

Cards aren't for everyone, just as the same can be said for anything else. But if you are drawn to them, why not give another try? Search for a deck with imagery that strongly appeals to you. 

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I recently happened upon one of my old palmistry books. Although I only ever scratched the surface o…
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