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Some folks have all their ducks in a row

but I have cats wherever I go 🐾🐈‍⬛

if you feed them they will come

to purr and teach us how to hum 🎶

because they don’t know the words

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Hand mudras help in subtle ways control energy


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Have you browsed the topics where beginner info is given? You can ask any questions you want. No need to be shy. 

Having a give-before-take relationship with Nature, and keeping a grounded emotional field help you get good results. It also helps to practice simple energy raising like making psi balls ⚽️ between your hands. 

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I’m getting hungry 😋

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Howdy 😀 and welcome aboard.

It rained here in chunks, fist-sized blobs of water drumming onto the ground, for about 20 minutes   and was low 70’sF.  It was different.

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Hello and welcome. 

Enjoy 😁

May they serve you well.

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I’ve heard several accounts from people who encountered a cryptid-being of a dog-headed man wearing a red shawl or shirt; it happened while in isolated, outdoors travels, & always at night. The red shirt was noted in each event.

2 fellows were driving a mountain pass in snowy conditions & were diverted from nearly going over the edge of the cliffside road by the sudden appearance and the driver jerked the wheel to avoid hitting the cryptid-being, thus saving their lives, but also terrifying them.  Afterwards they only referred to  him as “the dog headed god.”

3 Other people with sightIngs were simply frightened out of their wits and got the heck away from the location, and didn’t make the dog headed god connection. Communion author Whitley Streiber has noted a sighting in his Unknown Country podcast, and visitors at Skinwalker Ranch have also noted dog headed, upright walking beings, but with no connection being made to Hermanubis. So I’m just playing with the idea… 💡

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Statue of Hermanubis, white marble, 1st-2nd century CE (Vatican Museums)[1]


Inclassical mythology, Hermanubis (Ancient Greek: Ἑρμανοῦβις, romanized: Hermanoubis) was a god who combined Hermes (Greek mythology) with Anubis (Egyptian mythology).

Hermes' and Anubis's similar responsibilities (they were both conductors of souls) led to the god Hermanubis. He was popular during the period of Roman domination over Egypt. Depicted having a human body and a jackal head, with the sacred caduceus that belonged to the Greek god Hermes, he represented the Egyptian priesthood. He engaged in the investigation of truth.

The divine name Ἑρμανοῦβις is known from a handful of epigraphic and literary sources, mostly of the Roman period. Plutarch cites the name as a designation of Anubis in his underworldly aspect, while Porphyry refers to Hermanubis as σύνθετος "composite" and μιξέλλην "half-Greek".

Although it was not common in traditional Greek religion to combine the names of two gods in this manner, the double determination of Hermanubis has some formal parallels in the earlier period. The most obvious is the god Hermaphroditus, attested from the fourth century BC onwards, but his name implies the paradoxical union of two different gods (Hermes and Aphrodite) rather than an assimilation in the manner of Hermanubis.

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