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Some folks have all their ducks in a row

but I have cats wherever I go 🐾🐈‍⬛

if you feed them they will come

to purr and teach us how to hum 🎶

because they don’t know the words


I’d think all of them apply. Just stir the pot. If you can come up with a town then you might find regional folk societies printed info on line.

Hello 👋 KatyMae and welcome. Check out the discussion category headings and follow your interests. The more specific Qs you ask the better we can help. We can’t guess, y’know.

You might want to do a work space for yourself & substitute LED candles if you have toddlers; brew a 4-element herbal aerosol to replace incense, or brew, a cuppa Bigelow’s Constant Comment tea - the ingredients dispel harmful vibes.

Natural Magic  uses your empathic ability to connect to your surroundings & the Genius Loci. Witches work with the Earth’s telluric & orgone energies - ground and center yourself by drawing power to the gut on the breath. Keep a journal of your findings as you go. 

Use your intuitive ability   to make symbolic associations for the usefulness of natural materials; attractive or repellent appearances, textures and aromas suggest magical uses.

Make a starter kit - candles, incense, matches, fragrant kitchen herbs, salt & olive-oil; uniquely marked ⚡️or shaped 💛🌛stones; repurpose household dishes & small jars. Tip: birthday candles are cheap & come in colors.

Set Intent with incantations - say what you want your spell results to be & not what you don't want;  think of the goal & not the need; draw power to the gut on the breath & push it through your hands into the spell; use materials that match properties to the intention for added energy.

Spell Methods to Know - amulet, bottle, candle, knot, mandala, potion, sigil, trance. See the Spells posts.

I started with a rose bush found on a yard waste burn pile in the alley, & a potted Easter lily from on top of a trash can.  I found a 100lb rock laying in the road for landscaping… voila, my 1st flower 🌸 garden. I relocated pine & cedar seedlings I’d found in a sidewalk crack that are 30’ tall now. The squirrels surprised me again this year with 2 🌻🌻 sunflowers planted  in a perfect location for them. 

Sometimes the rapid fire can rattle us & that’s a good time to center, pull your energy to your gut on your breath, & chill. Even better if iyou nod off for a short snooze.

My guess is lavender, rose, chamomile in the 3 similar containers, but what else have you got? … it’s like snooping in someone’s bathroom medicine cabinet. 😉

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