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I am a beginner green and sea witch, I love gardening and moon-bathing ^^

I occasionally make witchy crafts and decorations, using pressed flowers, shells and other things. 

I am writing my own grimoire, so I'm looking online for ideas and informations.

Blessed be!


Absolutely, I'm still thinking about my grimoire management, maybe I'll make a little separated journal to keep track, as for now I'm writing just notions like astrology, green witchery, runes, ans so on, more like an "instruction book" for my own practice. Meanwhile I labelled the jar where I put the moon water 😅 

I was reading your post and at first tought about water as "rain", as during this full moon night it kept raining in my town. I managed to make moon water collecting the rain, is it still valid? Lol

Added a comment to site issues? 
It happened to me too! Google Chrome didn't want me to proceed as it warned me the site could be unsafe

I don't have a good memory about these things, but generally when I get dejavu I feel like I've already lived the moment only after living it. I can't foresee what is going to happen.

I also don't remember dreaming them, but I experience dejavus in my dreams too. It's like dreaming for the second time the same dream, knowing what is going to happen and being able to change the "future" (all in the dream though!). I'd like to share my weirdest dejavu but in this moment I feel my mind empty! 😅 

My situation also ended up being good, even if not as much as expected. Sometimes the result can't be positive because of past unsolved situation, I think. 

Hopefully you found your illness on time and can work to heal  

Thank you very much for this explanation. I've read also that expert tarot readers analyze the sensations that each card gives them even just by looking at the pictures, and only after they complete the meaning with the "base" of every deck.

I didn't know those details on the knight of wands, as a beginner I was used to read only Major Arcana, and I've added Minor Arcana later (I still need a guide because I don't remember all cards yet).

By the way does what Tiffanie and I said in the other comment make sense to you? Does an unclear mind pollute the result of the drawing? Because this would explain my last readings, as I have issues at focusing 😅 

It totally can be! I've never thought about it but, if I have a "prejudice" on what the answer will be, I may somehow "pollute" it 

I have difficult times at clearing my mind but I'm learning meditation with crystals and candles so slowly I'll improve more and more 😁 thank you very much for the sharing   

Interesting point of view! I've actually always seen the tower as "something bad incoming", while Death (which is always seen as bad by who doesn't know tarots) should mean just "a change is incoming". As I'm still learning though, I still use the author's guide for the cards meaning. That's how I found out that the tower means a traumatic change is incoming, but yet it doesn't say it must be a bad change! Just that it will be hard to process. Moreover, this author didn't consider the "reverse meaning" in case of a reversed card. That's why I didn't mention that the six of pentacles was reversed. Also because if so, this would completely change the message, as the traumatic change won't bring us to the expected wealth 😬 

By the way, sometimes I really feel that my deck just tells me what I need to hear (I know that this is a way tarot works, still it surprises me a lot!) as for example, I have this relatioship with the tower, where everytime I'm about to do something dangerous and I ask my deck, I always go like "damn i hope to not draw the tower" and there it goes! Usually it's the first card i draw 😂 

I hope I'll be able to appreciate also the positive energy of this card too 😊 

Added a discussion 

Good evening everyone

So it happens that yesterday I had a discussion with my boyfriend and I ended up a bit sad. Tonite, i wanted to ask my deck (The Wild Unknown tarot) if there was something wrong in my love life, and how I would be able to eventually solve it, plus any kind of suggestions it could give me, but I decided to look at the cards only after the goodnight-phonecall with my boyfriend. During the call, he told me about this huge job opportunity, he was frightened but also very happy and intentioned to accept. Long story short, when I flipped the cards i found this:

The tower 

Son of wands (for anyone who doesn't know this deck, son is equal to knight, it's the author's name choice)

Six of pentacles

My interpretation, helped by the guidebook, was literally: a big scary change is coming for the charming person (to me, it's my bf), but also wealth will arrive.

Isn't it the perfect summary for what happened today, even if it doesn't directly answer my question...? 😂 I'm happy for my tarot skills, and now I'll have to give all my best energy to my boyfriend to support his job choices ❤️

Hopefully, things will turn out well. 

Blessed be!

I'm stuck in between aquamarine and shungite ^^ but I voted for aquamarine at the end. I have a curiosity about these crystals: i love aquamarine as it's related to the zodiac sign of pisces (my sun sign); meanwhile i love shungite for a weird connection i made: "shun" sounds like "seiun" that means nebula in Japanese, i don't know if it's intentional but this crystal makes me feel connected with the universe itself ^^ 

All that I feel to say is... The science of "luck" may be, for example, the probability that throwing dice you obtain a certain number, and mathematically can be calculated (1/6 of probability for each number for 6 face dice). The magic of luck, is that the chosen number shows up when you throw a dice, even if every number has the same probability 😂

Hello everyone, 

I just wanted to share with you a recipe/experiment I made with the help of a friend. I prepared rose liquor with my roses and vodka. I put in a jar petals and vodka for a week, then prepared sugar syrup and mixed the two liquids in a clean bottle. Now it has to rest and mature for some months. I'm very curious to see what it will taste like! 

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