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9th generation earth priest, botanist and horticulturist. 


Are you still looking for someone to take over? I am interested. 

I am a botanist and horticulturist as well as a 9th generation earth priest. I would be happy to take over if you have the time to teach me how to create events and all the other things. I am a stay at home man with back surgery's so I am free to attend to this group. 

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I plan to recite one of my great, great grandmothers releasing spell to remove all negative energy from me and my family's life to make room for all the positive energy that is around us. 

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Blessed be  Any may we share and learn together -- MA

Hello, I am new to the group and am anxious to get to know everyone. A little about me, I am 9th generation earth priest, I am a botanist and a horticulturist, I am also a micro and Cellular biologist. Magic runs through my veins and I love to share and listen to everyone's stories. Can't wait to get to know everyone. Until later blessed be.

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Just wanted to say hello,.

Hello everyone, i am new to the group, but not to my craft. Can not wait to interact with everybody. 

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Just wanted to say hello,.
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