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Merry meet, I'm Bliss. I'm an eclectic witch💜

I work with mainly Loki and Beezlebup. My practices range from things like divination, crystals, hoodoo, to the darker aspects like demonology, necromancy, and vampirism. 

 Currently I run a coven on discord, I'm here to connect with more people. 

If you have any such questions or wish to talk feel free to shoot me a mail=) 


Oh wow I was reading about this a few days ago! It's super interesting 

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Welcome welcome! My door is awalys open for conversation and chatter=) I'll add you on snap!

Lemme say one thing, I am a huge foodie, I love food, I don't eat to live, oh no no, I live to eat.

I'd say one of my naughty comfort food are: Honey bacon dipped in milk chocolate drizzled with dark chocolate with cherry syrup and cherries on the side ontop of a double chocolate pancake with maple syrup. 

Before anyone says anything, yes, I am Canadian. 🍁

I see, that's awesome, just be cautious as awalys 💜

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Oh wow, that's interesting.  How did you come to know that?

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I'm here if you need to talk💜

The darkness can bring comforting at times, if you're scared you can awalys burn some incense and cleanse your room then sit in the dark

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In which context? (What are you releasing?)

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This was soooo well worded

This is really good! The print is pretty well on a phone 

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