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a promise is a prison


Nature fighting & taking back what is hers is just a pure joy moment :)

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There once was a mouse, happy as can be...

who lives in a field right under a tree.

Without a care in the world, he wasn't afraid.

He played every day and he slept in the shade.

Then one morning the mouse heard a loud cry...

and a crow black as night flew down from the sky.

The crow lowered his beak and tilted his head...

then frightened the mouse with the next thing he said.

The Darkness hides in the light of day.

Better run little mouse before it comes out to play.

Because the Darkness is evil when it plays Hide and Seek.

And it can go anywhere as it sneaks and it peeks.

The mouse took a few steps and looked all around.

He spun in a circle, and then looked up and down.

There's nothing dark here, you crazy, old bird.

The sun shines so brightly, that's completely absurd.

But the crow laughed out loud and said...

"you silly, little rat...

"don't let the Darkness hear you talking like that.

Now there's one thing to do, so listen to me.

You must see it first, if you wish to be free.

Ill give you a hint, it hides in plain sight 

It lives in the dark, even when there is light

It walks close behind you, and watches you play.

Floating beside you, from your head to the hay.

Time's up, little Mouse. The riddle is done.

Can you see where it is so you don't have to run?

Because the Darkness, it hides in the light of the day.

And if you're not careful, it will come out to play.

Now if you're reading this story, please don't be afraid.

The Mouse guessed right and the Crow flew away.

So come little children... let's play a little game.

Do you know where Darkness hides on a bright sunny day?

And just like the Mouse, if you guess right, too...

you don't have to worry that it will come looking for you.

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edge - has determined the site to be unsafe and certificates not in order.
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