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The blue lotus combinations work for me for many things. I’ve had good success with that. CBD is something I’ve just started to try.

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Anyone else use CBD & Blue Lotus smokes to combat anxiety or migraines like myself? 

Interesting. I’m going by what my friend told me she had read somewhere in one of his books years back. I appreciate all any & info. 

I understand what you’re saying. I do feel that I have a good balance though between being introverted and extroverted. A couple years ago I could not stand being alone But I got out of that after about a year or so. Now I love being alone when I want to be alone you know what I’m saying? And when I want to be with people I love being around them but I want to be around people that I can vibe with. 

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I’m trying to find the book that Edgar Cayce mentions this bit of information: those born between such and such a time walked with Jesus.

Apparently, the year 1950 is included in this time period. All the people that were born in that year had walked with Jesus in a past life.  I’m wondering though what birth years are included in that specifically.

Any of this ring a bell?  Anyone? TY

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TY to all the welcomes! 

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I didn’t really know where else to put this so I’ll just post it here. I guess this last week I’ve been feeling kind of lonely even though I’m surrounded by people whom I hang out with socialize with on a regular basis. I guess I’m missing certain people in my life. Some I can track down and get In touch with if I wanted to but I think I just miss the past times with them. I don’t really want to rekindle a friendship if that makes sense. The others I just can’t track down-just can’t find them.

I really want some nice online friends that I can talk to and share things with. I really don’t open myself up to many people because I’ve been burned many times in the past. I’m more of the if I get a good vibe from you then we can hang and be cool and chill out together. But if you give me a toxic vibe then stay the hell way for me cuz I want nothing to do with you. 

Looking for new and sincere friends. Would be great. 

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This photo is from The Moon Journal!  Love her artwork

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Just here to make friends online and to share my beliefs with others who feel the same way as I do!
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