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Adding a quiz was a very weird experience, but I'm learning how to use it. Right now it's just a test quiz, but I'll update it in a minute.

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Hold onto your knickers everyone -- here's a history quiz just for you! Take it if you dare 😮

Hint: you can find the answers to the first three questions at http://www.witchwaysandwares.com/articles.php/25

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Happy celebrate freedom day + b.days (@Alicia409 and @Walela)!

May we appreciate, celebrate, protect, and improve, our freedom and independence, to exorcise our FREE WILL, as we see fit!

Blessed be!

The Wiener Secession tarot deck has 78 cards and is supposed to include a booklet.

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OMG! So funny! Nope, definitely not what I was thinking ;) still laughing

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curious though ... care to share what the title made you think of?

You, myself, and many others, have a similar religious background, in that we started with a Judaic religion such as Christianity (usually because it was required of us as children), only to run away from a life of brainwashing, poor self steem, lies, hypocrticism, guilt (for being born or giving birth, or for being a female, or for having and using body parts we were born with, or for so many other lame excuses), etc. Some of us however, have been fortunate enough to run into the arms of a loving, honest, realistic religion (such as Witchcraft), that just feels right. Rather than tearing ourselves and others down with religious beliefs that divide people from one another and individuals from themselves, we choose a religion or way of life that brings people together, and simply encourages us to improve ourselves and the world around us -- without harming others or ourselves, without tearing others or ourselves down, and without thinking of ourselves as superior or inferior to others of other faiths.

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Thought I'd share an interesting experience with anyone that is interested in reading it.

So one Thanksgiving years ago, some of the family (I think there were about 20 of us) was preparing to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but none of us had washed our hands before sitting down to the table. Just before anyone began to eat, the water in the bathroom began to run full blast as much water as could possibly come from the sink. There was no one in the bathroom. We all assumed it was grandfather, reminding us all to wash our hands before we eat. So we all left the table and got in line to wash our hands before eating.


Although we all make it a point to wash our hands after going to the bathroom, before eating or preparing food, after coming home from the store, and a lot more since Covid (so much so that I have to have hand lotion next to each sink, because so much hand washing practically washes off the skin ... okay fine, it just makes the skin very dry), my husband's grandfather (as well as my great grandmother) were very extra maybe a bit overboard on hand washing. My husband's grandfather had died about a year before this occurred.

r u aware that you are dreaming while dreaming? r u able to control the dreams? It sort of sounds like a cross between lucid dreaming and astral projection.

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Already did it or considering it?

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feel free to let us know what you think of the book after you have a chance to read it :)

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Threefold Return, by me

All you do comes back to you,

in triple strength and triple measure,

in triple pain and triple pleasure.

When one needs aid one need but ask,

for we give freely of our flask.

Love is the law and love is the bond,

which grants ye seekers use of the wand.

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