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Thank you very much.  I will be sure to read it.  

Also. I feel a force in my life that stops me from making any decision that will better my life. For example I know that I will begin to feel better if I go for a walk and meditate bt there is this resistance like a voice in my head that wont let me. Like a an angry teen that angrily resists. Hard to explain but its like a voice in my head that tells me to resist

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let me start by saying that I know very little about witchcraft but believe in light and dark powers beyond my comprehension. I have had a series of events happen starting in my childhood that I have allowed to divert ffom what cold be a very positive path  Im going to jump around a bit. 

When I was a teen I found a used book called "A treasury of witch craft and devilry. I used one of its curses or spells to exact revenge on a group of bullies in my highschool. I dont remember the exact one but I know I was not qualified nor did I do it wrong.  I have been reflectinbg on my life path and wondering if its possinble that I unleashed some negativity.  All though I believe in witchcraft and magic I realize that not everything bad that happens is because of some curse or outside force. I am very open to the fact that I may jst be a product of myself.

Let me run you through a few events. I lost my 8 year old neice to a teenage pedophile and rapist, I lost my two daughters (they are alive) got divorced, lost my uncle and step father in the same threed month period, slowly became dependant on drugs, was accused of being a child molester (which I am most certainly not in any way, I overdosed and was brought back to life. All of these things that I listed aboive happened within months of one another. Consiquently I suffer from very bad ptsd and cant get my life together. I spebd every hour reliving the alogations and seething in resentment against my x wife who lives comfortably with my beautiful children  My first thought was to exact some kiind of curse on her but I dont need that kinda karma. Instead I want to clean up my negative energy and see how I can helo myself. I also have along history of being accused of horrible crimes that I am innocent of. There is no way for anyone but me and my children to no that I am innocent and I suppiose that you will all jst have to take  my word. But I am an open book and ask away.

I would love to hear anyones insights and solutions . Again, I realize that much of my bad luck may simply be from bad choices and life jujt not being fair. I am also not interested in any dark solutions that may have a karmic price tag that I cant carry. I am a good and moral man and I try to make good choices. My bad luck or whatever you want to call it extends beyond what I listed but yo get the point. Sorry for the bad spelling and ounctation buut my autospell doesnt work and some of my keys malfunction

Be well and thanks in advance



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