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going dark is a nice touch. too many on the light side tips the scales

There's 3 main steps in being a happy medium. overcome your fear of them, set boundaries, offer them maybe 1 hour per day to listen to them

covid is the completion of the late 90s bird flu test that they tried to reboot into swine a couple years later. back then they tried to initiate self lock down, masks in public; but without smart phones they couldnt hype the fear fast enough. this was just a worldwide fire drill

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entice them. and pay attention to them

are we there yet? name 10 guys you like that would say no

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i just now get why most libra symbols are not balanced. it's like infinite 0. i am libra too

is it lise for lizabeth or like lies? i know that most who go by lies compulsively tell the truth

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we can share abilities now, to other people. 

when you join, just make sure you let us know what you are good at, that you can lend easily

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sit in a dark room and stare at the other side of the ceiling and walls. everyday for 3 weeks. the thoughts you get that are not yours is how it's easiest for them to communicate. you can talk out loud or just think to them. 

 after you have seen them in the dark room, it should be easier for you to remember that you dont have to see them to communicate

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