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I am recomitting my all to LHP and seeking my new place in the world. Welcoming all to chat, especially Light aka Lise (was it?) . My spirithouse catastrophe is behind me: I am whole...

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hello thank you

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Welcome !!!!

Malatesa is....??? - slowly getting back on track with the Community's Site....

However, in the meantime - I am sure you will find your way round the Halls and 'Rooms' of the Witches Community "One Stop & WE would ALL like YOU to Stay” Plaza....…there are many Vaults of Delights, and hidden snippets to be discovered …...so take your time to explore..

         Things - (Political etc) are a still little shaky - lots of scary changes filtering in, BUT once these settle a bit more, Malatesa will be BACK into adding more construction to the place - which of course means checking in now, and again to SEE what has changed, and what is NEW

Equally so - ANY questions - feel free to ask…there are a wide range of folks within the Member's listing, that can offer an opinion/answer and/or a direction for you to take into consideration.

Take a moment also to join the Main Chat: https://witches.community/page/Chat

For Reading Materials etc. take a gander at the Library -:https://witches.community/page/books or scope out Norwich who provides a list of PDF's

          Have fun - hopefully see you about.

'Light' aka Lise

I havent really felt them. I end up going through the book, getting the vaguest answers and meanings and the session feels fake to me.

   But when my mom did em, they were different somehow; like scarier or something, idk.

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It means we have eye(s) that see; Minds alike...

For me, it means alone. Solitary. Connected. One.

So-uh, hello again!? Dont know if u remember our chats...I do.

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The Self: Are we not, each of us, the deity?

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are LHP welcome here? 

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are LHP welcome here? 
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