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Well, I've met a lot of ghosts since then.  Some of them just stare at me, a few say some words. I learned that they can show themselves when they want to. The deaths were from a car crash, undetected cancer, and a heart attack. My sister saw something "weird" -that's how she called it- and fell from a stair. My cousin broke a leg. 

Yes. I have been hearing and seeing a woman. She asks for help before something bad happens.

Well, I don't want to be a medium.

I am sorry if my English is bad, my native languaje is Spanish.

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 all the psychics I've seen say I'm a medium.

the first time I've seen a dead person was 10 years ago, on Halloween. I was 11 years old. A lady came to my house with her husband and her husband spent all night telling her how much he loved her. Then, he went with my cousin and he said to him that he didn't need to worry (Until the day of today my cousin didn't want to tell me why he was worried) When I went to offer him a cake, I asked her wife where I was, and she told me he died. Then she showed me a picture and it was him. 

I'm writing because it's been a week since every day someone closer to me is dying or being really hurt.  

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