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I have been able to change the dejavu on a couple occasions. It took years of practice with oneiromancy, but eventually I was able to catch it in the split second before it occurred and choose to respond to the circumstance differently than I remembered. It's not easy. A bit like catching an arrow out of the air. But it is possible. It has to do with the maturation of the soul, and cultivating the ability to step back from your instinctual reactions. Mindfulness meditation is a good way to accomplish that.

I'm new to this site, so not sure how you'd do that. That said, if you lmk which you chose and which you meant to choose, that would help me to come up with more accurate % of who does or doesn't dream of their dejavu. So far though (I've asked this question many times) it seems around 60-70% of people remember dreaming about their dejavu before it occurs.

That's super interesting!

The weirdest dejavu I ever had (early 1990's) lasted an entire day, but the dejavu itself was repeated for about two weeks (reliving the exact same day over and over). By the end of it, I was kinda freaking out wondering whether the experience would ever end. The sense of relief when I finally woke up to a new day was indescribable.

The causal factor seemed to be my having performed some unethical love magic which backfired on me, and was exacerbated by ritual work I'd been doing to increase clairvoyant ability. My patron deity decided to give me a firm cuff on the side of the head. Live and learn.

FYI, here's a really eye opening and poignant interview with the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology concerning mandatory vaccination policies, both from a human rights and from a medical science perspective. TL;DR, mandatory vaccination is contrary to all established medical ethics protocols, and it's consequence will be vaccine resistant strains of the virus.


I checked on web.archive.org, but they didn't have a copy sadly.

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Let's get a list going! If you have a link to the actual media (such as on youtube, vimeo, etc) even better.

The link doesn't work. Hopefully a temporary issue.

On a tangent, the association of witchcraft with women is a common part of the modern imagination, but doesn't actually line up with history very well. For example when looking at witchcraft persecution, the gender disparity varies drastically from nation to nation. For instance in Iceland, about 90% of witches who were brought to trial were men. Poland was in the neighbourhood of 60% men. Plenty of the groups associated with witchcraft, such as the Calusari, the Horseman's Word, and so on, were male-only societies. Obviously women played a major role in many parts of Europe and the world at large, but by no means did women have an exclusive claim to being witches nor being persecuted for same.

Same. The kiwi irc client doesn't connect, and using an irc client (hexchat) to connect over SSL (port 6697) times out. Hopefully that gets sorted out soon. Being able to connect via SSL is the bare minimum level of security acceptable for irc. If you manage the irc server yourself, it should be easy/free to get a cert from https://letsencrypt.org/

Might as well ask "What does it mean to be yourself?"

Witchcraft is on it's own is a rather ambiguous term with a lot of conflicting cultural baggage depending on who's asking/talking. However for my purposes I adopt the label because it's about the closest thing to my genuine indigenous cultural heritage as I'm likely to find in a spiritual/religious context, without getting mired down the road of pagan reconstructionist anachronisms. I also like the down to earth aesthetic.

Apart from the above and the self-exploration and self-actualization involved in doing the hard inner work of self-transformation, I particularly associate witchcraft with wisdom. To me it's mostly about prying under the surface of things to find out the inner mechanics of how nature works, including particularly, human nature. Yet not in a merely theoretical way, but in practical application. It's the psycho-spiritual equivalent of experimental science. I will follow that where ever it leads, even if I must necessarily discard a lot of my preconceptions, superstitions and wishful thinking in the process. So far, it's been an extremely successful harvest, even if the sacrifices along the way have been equally dear.

I'm not anti-vax. I'm anti-compulsion. I think the science of mrna vaccines is potentially sound, but the jury is still out. I'm unwilling to be a guinea pig, much less by force. I respect those who are in at risk categories or otherwise who wish to receive the vaccine. That's their freedom of choice. Frankly once convinced of the long term safety and efficacy of any one or more of the vaccines, I may have opted to take it voluntarily. However now that my government is attempting to make vaccines mandatory by revoking basic human rights as a form of coercion, I will adamantly refuse on principal. Human rights are not negotiable or at the disposal of governments no matter what pretense or fear tactics they proffer as excuses.

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Let's get a list going! If you have a link to the actual media (such as on youtube, vimeo, etc) even…
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