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Folks, I have a controversial for you. How do you feel about CORONA Vaccinations?

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    • Why do you ask? 🌼 Anybody want their RNA scrambled?

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      • covid is the completion of the late 90s bird flu test that they tried to reboot into swine a couple years later. back then they tried to initiate self lock down, masks in public; but without smart phones they couldnt hype the fear fast enough. this was just a worldwide fire drill

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        • I'm not anti-vax. I'm anti-compulsion. I think the science of mrna vaccines is potentially sound, but the jury is still out. I'm unwilling to be a guinea pig, much less by force. I respect those who are in at risk categories or otherwise who wish to receive the vaccine. That's their freedom of choice. Frankly once convinced of the long term safety and efficacy of any one or more of the vaccines, I may have opted to take it voluntarily. However now that my government is attempting to make vaccines mandatory by revoking basic human rights as a form of coercion, I will adamantly refuse on principal. Human rights are not negotiable or at the disposal of governments no matter what pretense or fear tactics they proffer as excuses.

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          • FYI, here's a really eye opening and poignant interview with the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology concerning mandatory vaccination policies, both from a human rights and from a medical science perspective. TL;DR, mandatory vaccination is contrary to all established medical ethics protocols, and it's consequence will be vaccine resistant strains of the virus.


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